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    Where to buy SB Base unit (keyboard/dock) ??? Microsoft won't sell.

    So as my keyboard was stolen Yesterday, I have contacted Microsoft about it, they have refused to sell one :( As SB is on the warranty they've promised to check with someone "offline" (???) and get back to me. However I assume that they do not care about their clients (the most basic...
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    Throttlestop - running your Surface Pro maxxed out...

    Meaning. You're doing something wrong as this soft limit throttling to around 2GHz at my settings. Just simple logic, if people talking about settings and outcomes, do you really think that we would that if throttling still would drop to 800MHz ?
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    Why HD 4000 drivers from Microsoft are Outdated ?

    Just install Intel HD4000 drivers. They will work, as you do not need to use Microsoft drivers (or Dell/HP or whoever selling laptops/tablets/pc's)