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    Surface Power Cover Release Date??????

    MS site still says "Early 2014". I wonder if anyone has told them that the end of "Early 2014" is coming up fast!! What I find most irritating is the lack of information about the release. This isn't a speculated or leaked product, so why not update us? I desperately need a better type cover...
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    Surface Pro 2 Power Cover?

    Yikes - April isn't ever "early" in any year! I wish they'd just announce a ship date and be done with it. I'm waiting on this, too, but I'm clearly going to have to use a stop-gap solution in the meantime. The touchscreen keyboard and my hands seem incompatible and the touch cover is only a...
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    Surface Pro 2 Power Cover Question

    I just wish they'd release the thing! I use mine for lecture power points and mark-up note taking. It barely lasts a three hour class, and if it's not fresh off the charger, it won't make it. It's an SP1, so I think the battery life is slightly improved on the 2, but I'm skipping this generation...
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    Why Did You Buy Your Surface Pro and How Do You Use It?

    I got mine to replace an aging laptop to use as my primary computer for class and homework attaining a second degree. Ironically, I built a very powerful oc'd desktop and since getting the Surface Pro a month or so later, seldom boot it. I'm just hearing rumors about the 2nd generation coming...