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    Red Boot Screen

    When you reenable secure boot you have to install the security keys as well. When you disable secureboot it removes the keys from the system. Just enable it and click "Install security keys" right below and reboot. It will be back to a black screen.
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    Remote Desktop Problems + a Plex Question

    When I first set up my plex server I was basically in the same place as you "what is port forwarding". I found this site Router Port Forwarding Guides - Its a fantastic resource for figuring this stuff out and will give you step by step instructions based on your router and end...
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    Still having wifi issues and dropping connectivity

    Ok There we go, an actual reason for needing a new router/access point. If theres fact or data behind it I can buy it, and be willing to put the work in. But trying a new router to try a new router just doesn't cut it for me. I think my router is a single band but Ill have to log into it and...
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    Still having wifi issues and dropping connectivity

    I have a couple old routers I could try that with. I have an old linksys 54g if it doesnt work with that i dont know what it will. Sorry i dont mean to come off crappy. Its just way more work tjen its worth to have to set up a router from scratch for a new toy. In the mean time does anyone...
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    Still having wifi issues and dropping connectivity

    Thats really not an option. The level of configuration I would have to do to get all my servers and things back to normal, id rather just take the thing back and forget I ever even tried this. The router 6 months old and on the approved list of "these routers work with our stuff" page MS put out.
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    Still having wifi issues and dropping connectivity

    Im on my 3rd Surface Pro 2 now all with consistent wifi issues. I really like this thing and want to make it work, but like the rest of the world I need a consistent, reliable internet connection. So here are the fixes Ive done and all the relevant info I can think of: Fixes: disable...