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    Once a surface user-always a surface user

    thanks buddy ;) do you have any tips with what i listed?
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    Once a surface user-always a surface user

    Also drivers guys, is there any manual drivers i should install and ones i should avoid as the are buggy or something? Cheers
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    Once a surface user-always a surface user

    I've been visiting the forums EVERYDAY for the last 3 years EVEN when i didn't use my surface for 2 years! True fan of the surface forums community work ethic in helping others with detailed answers and "always available to help" notion. Really appreciate that about you guys Hey guys, i first...
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    Hello from NZ - corporate Surface support

    KIORA BRO! i live in chch. MAAAAAN the surface's are expensive here ae?
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    Any suggestion for a bigger touchpad?

    Surface pro 3 type cover works with any surface device out there however it is a little big and wouldn't be ideal for a cover for when you close it.
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    Why would you EVER preorder??

    sigh...First world problems.smh
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    Mystery Micro USB cable for the SP2?

    It because of the angled kickstand. Once propped up the surface fits perfectly with it and a type cover etc.
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    Pre-Order, Arrive on exact date?

    Hey there fellow kiwi, im from NZ too and from what I know Microsoft should send out the orders by the 31st you will get them that week (as couriers don't go on sundays). I decided to cancel my order due to broadwell supposedly bringing 40% graphics improvement and 30-40% reduced power...
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    Does anyone else's touch keyboard sometimes stop working until you unhook it?

    M$ have BILLIONS! in the bank and I don't think them throwing away one $100 keyboard is going to effect them too much ;)
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    Just Wondering If.....?

    No, it will only see and use 64GB of it. See Microsoft surface page for it.
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    My Touch Keyboard broke??

    Look buddy, a trip to hell ah I mean the Microsoft store will do it. Just complain, they agree and nod "yes yes" and give you a new one within minutes! Microsoft have got money to burn.
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    Stupid question I'm sure...but

    Yes that is true, all surface devices only see upto 64GB in micro SD. However, in not sure with a SD-USB adapter?
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    Surface RT external VGA resolutions?

    Hey buddy, I too am connecting to a external VGA moniter through an adapter however my moniter is old and has a max of 1024x768. Try playing around with the display settings and see if it makes a difference when you hit ' WINDOWS+P' at the same time and try changing it to second siplay only. If...
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    Remote into android???

    Hey guys, was wondering if the surface rt is able to display my Samsung galaxy s4 device through a remote connection or the other way round. I've tried splash top to no luck and even Microsoft's own remote app doesn't seem to work! Please help me out, would be much appreciated! Thanks
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    Trick surface into updating on low battery!

    It can be frustrating at times when an important update has arrived but you can't install it because you are just below the minimum battery percentage to update. IF your confident your surface wont drain out before the update is finished then: Go to charms, settings, power, and hit restart and...
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    Sticky Notes For Windows rt

    Hey guys, I'm really looking for a sticky notes replacement that I had on my old windows 7 laptop where you could just type on a note and stick it on the desktop. Can't seem to find any in the app store so if anyone knows a good app even one that allows me to stick them to the desktop where I do...
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    Hows the Surface RT running these days?

    Had my rt since Feb of this year. Have been having trouble with internet explorer and crashes and stuff but seems ok now. The rt is bloody slow in my view. Games from the store lag a lot, web pages are really buggy (probably just me). However I love my rt and always have. Tegra 4vs Tegra 3 is a...
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    New Surface 2 - trouble with Youtube videos

    Ok I FOUND IT! You have to youtube then disable shockwave in the settings. It only appears in add-ons if you are in a rich media website with lots of flash content.