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    Type Covers No Longer Working

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help me; I have a SP3 Pro, I was using it the otherday and put it into sleep by flipping the type cover up. When I returned and turned it back on the "Rotation Lock" was enabled and the Type Cover was not working. I disabled Rotation Lock but the type cover never...
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    SP3 - Purchase Advice

    It had only a HDD, so that's good news. The research I did looked like it would be faster, but the benchmark tools seem to have changed so it's good to get an experts view :) If the above is true, I'm not sure what people are moaning about, I can play numerous games on this laptop (Granted not...
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    SP3 - Purchase Advice

    Hey thanks, In honesty I run very little on my laptop, mainly Football Manager, which I think should be OK. I'm certainly not hoping to run FPS' or anything on it (I have a very expensive desktop for that!) But as I stay away for work a lot, I would like to be able to watch Netflix, play...
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    SP3 - Purchase Advice

    Hi everyone, And apologies in advance if I am asking some silly questions, I have been seriously considering getting the Surface (i5, 8GB RAM), my current laptop is a Sony Vaio (Specs below) which is a bit cumbersome to cart around the world for work. Processor - Intel Core i3 M370 @ 2.4ghz...