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    Love it but it keeps freezing

    The only time I've had the S3 lock up is when I was running Chrome. It can run in the background (those extra processes you see in Task Manager) without a problem, but if I ran Chrome on the screen it would eventually lock up. I'm guessing there is some sort of issue with the screen driver and...
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    Love it but it keeps freezing

    I'll have to disagree with GreyFox7. There might or might not be an ongoing struggle between Google and Microsoft over compatibility between Outlook and Gmail/Calendar/Contacts/etc. This became critical for some users when Google discontinued Exchange ActiveSync for its free, consumer Gmail...
  3. J

    Pouch/Sleeve for S3

    I had an Incipio sleeve for my S2 that I got from Best Buy. It fits the S3, but is slightly harder to zip up and has a tiny bit of slack side-to-side. When it is zipped, everything is secure. I doubt it would protect the S3 from a substantial drop, but it takes care of it when it's being toted...
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    Type cover keys loose/noisy

    The off-the-shelf keyboard cover I got with my new S3 seems fine. The track pad doesn't rattle at all, and the keys make the ordinary clunking sound that is not as loud as the external keyboard I use at the office. Perhaps there was a bad manufacturing batch. Most products, even those by Apple...
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    The "Official" I got my Surface 3 thread

    I traded in a Surface 2 on a 128GB Surface 3 and keyboard cover today. The Surface 2 was so underpowered that I ended up stowing it in a desk drawer. The Surface 3 is much faster in every way. I am very impressed. Battery life remains to be seen after it has had a chance to settle in, but I...
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    Why a Microsoft Surface?

    1. Why did you buy a Microsoft Surface tablet? At first it was mainly curiosity. I have quite a fleet of computer-like devices (MacBook Pro, 2 chromebooks, iPad issued by my company, plus a kindle paperwhite reader and an iPhone. I got a Surface 2 and type cover, didn't like it, returned it...