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  1. J

    Which USB Blu Ray drive do you use...

    ...and why did you pick it?
  2. J

    What's up with the resolution of the internet browsers?

    I've been thinking the same thing, good tips here, thanks!
  3. J

    ASUS Xonar STU

    Full power off and restart of both the tablet and dac/amp worked. No slowdown and full sound. Happy to report the Surface2pro is fully compatible with the Asus Xonar.
  4. J

    ASUS Xonar STU

    My audio solution for my home PC is an Asus Xonar STU, USB dac/amp. Out of curiosity I connected it to my Surface and installed the latest Win 8.1 drivers. No problems with install and the Surface device manager shows the Xonar is connected and working. Unfortunately I'm getting no sound when...