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    How Could I Load Adobe Photoshop Into My Surface Pro 2?

    You need an external USB DVD drive to install your CD. Plug the drive into the USB port and install it like you would on any desktop. You may also be able to download CS5 from Adobe and enter your cd key to activate it if you can find it as its not the most recent version. It does have full...
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    No availabilty because of popularity or problems

    I personally don't think Microsoft will make such a drastic turn, at least not in the foreseeable future. Clearly, at present, Microsoft is trying to increase market share in the mobile consumer marketplace as evidenced by the Nokia purchase. Some analysts and some powerful shareholders...
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    No availabilty because of popularity or problems

    As many have noted, Microsoft took a bath on the original Surface and in all likelihood only produced a limited number of SP2s. Bloomberg news reports that some major Microsoft shareholders are pushing for Microsoft to pull out of the consumer marketplace and are recommending a new CEO who will...
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    Docking Station for Microsoft Surface Pro in stock at for $170

    I must be one of the lucky ones as I have none of the problems reported. I wonder if the reported problems relate to the early production models.
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    Dell u2412m Resolution and Surface Pro 2

    Are you using the display port on the Dell?
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    Different kickstand design

    If you are going portrait for reading and don't need the type cover keyboard, place the SP2 on the touch pad area of the type cover with the stand open fully. Really stabilizes the SP2 even on a soft surface like a bed.
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    Accessory Compatibility Thread

    Working: Bose Companion 5 USB speakers Working: Logitech K800 Keyboard Working: NEC PA272W Monitor Working: Buffalo Drive Station DDR USB 3.0 Hard Drive Working: Seagate Expansion Desktop Hard Drive Working: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner Working: Canon 9000F Mark II Scanner Working...
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    Surface Pro 2 Docking Station - 1st Impressions

    I would recommend getting a USB 3.0 hub that allows you to turn on or off each port on the hub. As far as the 2nd monitor goes, there are several USB 3.0 to HDMI adapters. Unfortunately I have no experience with them so I can't comment on how well they work with Windows 8.1. There are also...
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    Too Many USB Devices Not Enough USB Ports

    I wonder if its dependant on the amount of resources each device requires. I think I read somewhere that limit is 10. Have you had success with more 11 or more devices.
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    Surface Pro 2 Docking Station - 1st Impressions

    No flicker on mine although I only have one monitor hooked up. Not sure what the long term effect would be.
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    If you don't have problems, DO NOT INSTALL the Jan. 18 Firmware

    That link should do it for you. If you have any questions let me know.
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    Surface Pro 2 Docking Station - 1st Impressions

    WoRie, I have not experienced the issues you have. I agree that the LAN transfer rate is not acceptable for a device at this price point. I did not buy the DS for its LAN speed. I only use my LAN connection on this computer for internet access as I am not transferring data over my local network...
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    If you don't have problems, DO NOT INSTALL the Jan. 18 Firmware

    From your post it appears that you have only experienced this issue once. Your reaction is a bit extreme and perhaps premature. Regardless of the December update, it has been suggested, given the fast wake time from hibernate, that you skip sleep and set the SP2 to go directly into hibernate. It...
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    Do ALL SP2s suffer from hi CPU utilization when idle due to faulty audio drivers?

    I don't experience this issue. At idle the system and system processes are at 0%. When I run foobar utilizing the Related drivers system interrupt moves up to between 0.1 and 0.2%. I do have a 64gb mSD card installed as well.
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    Too Many USB Devices Not Enough USB Ports

    Fortunately I did not suffer from the dreaded December firmware fiasco. The only major issue I have with the SP2 is in desktop mode. Although this is probably not a problem for most of us, the single USB 3 port limits the number of peripherals that can be installed. I have 4 hard drives, a USB...
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    Great Idea : Surface Cover

    Perhaps if the SP2 was a thinner unit. Given how thick it is the extra couple of mms isn't a factor for me.
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    The update is here (UK)!

    This erratic roll out schedule makes no sense. I suspect the firmware update is dependant on the SP2s update history and is probably more of a fix to previous updates than it is a new update in the traditional sense. My SP2 has worked fine, no firmware update issues and no surprise that I am not...
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    Surface Pro 2 Docking Station - 1st Impressions

    Unfortunately its only 100Mbps.
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    Surface Pro 2 Docking Station - 1st Impressions

    Looks like a great option at a great price. Let us know how it works out.
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    Surface Docking Station in stock

    Frys in Renton, Washington had a couple left when I was there yesterday.