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    Just saying Hi!

    Hello and Welcome! Unfortunately the Surface Pro 4 and 7 have had some of the worst issues of any Surface Pro model, but I do believe they have worked out most of the issues by now between BIOS updates and software updates to Windows like upgrading to Windows 11. Regardless, we should be able to...
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    SP8 SSD upgrade not working

    You may need to partition it once it's plugged in via USB, THEN plug it into the Surface after it's been partitioned/formatted via USB. Usually that's why Windows won't see a drive even though it is plugged in. You should be able to see the drive under "Disk Management" in Windows. There you can...
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    Tablet Definition rant

    Tablet is supposed to be a form factor but people have included Operating Systems into the "Tablet" definition. What is up with that? I know that with gaming laptops they created the "DTR" (Desktop Replacement) but they STILL called it a laptop. Tablet is a FORM FACTOR. Just because it's...
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    Immersed VR on SP6? signature keyboard is on it's way out and only works in the tilted position so I ordered another one, but in all fairness it HAS been like 6 years so I kinda get if the keyboard starts acting up by now. lol. I mean you could get a 6, but you could also get an 8 which I think...
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    Surface Pro 4 type cover stopped working after update?

    My Signature Type Cover on my Surface Pro 6 is starting to act up, but I think it's just age and heavy use that's causing it to act up. The keys only work/light up when the 2nd magnet is connected to tilt the keyboard up. If I try using the keyboard flat like I usually do the keyboard...
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    Immersed VR on SP6?

    Damn, these Immersed app updates keep getting better and better! Running 3 monitors right now REALLY SMOOTHLY compared to before. This is so damn nice. Surface Pro 6 is still powering through all this! Loving it.
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    I guess Surface Pro 8 or Surface Pro 9 owners aren't that active?

    Noticed that there's a forum for the Pro 6, but no Pro 8 or Pro 9. The Pro 8 has been around long enough but I guess the owners don't do much so there's no need for a "Surface Pro 8" or "Surface Pro 9" forum?
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    4 years...

    The jump from the 6 to the 8 is big enough. However, like Plantje said, I don't feel the jump between 8 & 9 warrants the extra cost. I don't feel like it is "future proof" enough for me so being able to spend that $300 on a nice signature keyboard and pen and maybe a nice sleeve to put the...
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    4 years...

    I really want a Surface Pro 8 now tho. Lol. Especially now that Thunderbolt 4 is available. I would also like to see the GPU improvements as well. My mother in law has one and I haven't heard a complaint yet aside from ONE time that it would not work with her work's Citrix Workspace, but once I...
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    4 years...

    Due to a design change, you cannot connect the new keyboards to the older Surfaces. The pen probably still works, but I too am looking to buy an older Signature Type Cover for my Surface Pro 6 since it's getting old. It still works really well though. Just showing it's age by now.
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    4 years...

    Tomorrow would have been 4 years since I bought my Surface Pro 6 and earlier this week the power cord finally gave up. I have to admit I was NOT gentle OR considerate with it. Yanked the cord MULTIPLE TIMES when it was tangled with other cords in my backpack so it makes sense. From now on I will...
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    Backlight bleed and bright spots on all devices?

    Ouch, man I can't believe my Surface Pro 6 has made it this long. Coming in here and finding out what you and Plantje have been going through is just insane.
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    Microsoft Memory Integrity can't be enabled due to driver incompatibility

    Should I even have this feature enabled in my Surface Pro 6? It keeps saying that certain drivers are preventing the protection from being enabled. Should I really be concerned about this not working? The Microsoft website states that they do not suggest deleting a driver to bring memory...
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    Surface keyboard

    Update: Just learned today that there is a bluetooth attachment that attaches itself on top of the connector on the keyboard that turns the Surface Keyboard into a bluetooth keyboard. Then you can put the surface anywhere else and save all the space.
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    It's 2022 and I STILL believe that a "Tablet" is a form factor and NOT defined by having a mobile OS

    I never liked when Microsoft started advertising the Surface Pro as a "laptop" JUST BECAUSE the Operating System is not a watered down, restricted, mobile phone operating system. Tablet is the form factor. The OS is the OS. These days Apple has added a Keyboard with a trackpad mouse but they...
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    Anyone plan to buy Surface Pro 9?

    My Surface Pro 6 is getting pretty old. I may go with a Surface Pro 8 and give this to my wife since she mostly uses her phone for all her stuff, but I still feel its important to have some kind of PC alongside a smartphone in 2022. So why not a Tablet with a detachable keyboard that can be...
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    Surface keyboard

    Ah, well in that case, get rid of the Monitor stand and either wall mount, or buy an arm that attaches to the edge of the desk you are at, and enjoy all the extra space you end up gaining as a result.
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    Surface keyboard

    I would personally take advantage of having two monitors instead of having the keyboard closer to the external monitor.
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    Volume issue in aircraft with Surface Pro 6

    For this reason AND because I am tired of craning my neck down to see a screen or find a place to put the Surface Pro 6 on the plane so I can watch it comfortably, I just connect my Meta Quest 2 wirelessly to my Surface Pro 6, then load up the BigScreen Remote Desktop app on the Surface Pro 6...