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    Restoring a system image

    Got any recommendations for getting the most complete "system" (programs, settings, etc) backup possible, that can be restored to any hardware? So after writing that, I'm thinking it'd be best to have it *not* back up all OS settings... hardware settings I guess would need to be skipped. So...
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    Restoring a system image

    So wait... the system images I'm creating aren't usable if I get an identical surface replacement? I have to have some sort of recovery dvd made as well? (so I need a dvd drive now to connect to my surface??) If this is true, what a pile of crap. Why would I use am image for the same machine...
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    onedrive behaving oddly

    I don't have any sort of skydrive or onedrive entry under control panel's "programs and features". Also can't run the troubleshooter as it errors out every time it's run, regardless of whether onedrive's running or stopped. So annoying.
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    Network adapter problem after undocking

    At home I keep my SP2 docked. In the morning I do the following: - hibernate - undock - go to work - connect onboard mini displayport to my work monitor - connect it to power - plug in a logitech usb bluetooth adapter for logitech wireless keyboard and mouse - turn on the surface 9 times out of...
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    Found reason Surface Pro 2 wasn't hibernating

    I had my surface set to hibernate when running on battery power after 60 minutes. I'd put it to sleep, wait well over an hour, and find that it was still sleeping and hadn't hibernated. First I tried changing the wifi adapter setting under device manager->advanced tab. I had "Selective...
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    "Apps" all crashing

    Because I wanted to see what was in the WindowsApps directory. I'm one of those people who's never gotten used to the "are you sure you want to do this? you'll need admin rights to it" messages that started popping up everytime you breath wrong after XP. Guides like this never gave me problems...
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    "Apps" all crashing

    Not sure what additional details I could give. I changed the owner of " C:\Program Files\WindowsApps" from TrustedInstaller to the Administrators group (set it to recursively change owner for all sub-directories+files). All "metro" style apps went from working fine to crashing as soon as they...
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    "Apps" all crashing

    Yeah, just ranting, and sort of half hoping someone had any insight as to why the apps started crashing (or how to fix it).
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    Wacky battery antics

    I just looked at my battery indicator (desktop system tray), and it said I have 24% battery left, 83 hours. Wacky antics indeed.
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    "Apps" all crashing

    Only had the Surface Pro 2 for 5 days, and today any time I try opening a "metro" app, it crashes immediately after showing the startup logo. I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that I recently changed the owner of C:\Program Files\WindowsApps from TrustedInstaller to the Administrators...
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    speed of wifi is slow all of a sudden?

    Didn't work for me.
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    Storing VirtualBox machine on SD card

    Does anyone have experience/advice on using an SD card to store the bulk of a virtual machine that I create with VirtualBox? I'm hoping I can just set the location for the virtual disk .vdi file to a path on the SD card, but am wondering if there will be any problems, performance or otherwise...
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    No Magnets when Touch or Type Cover Closed

    Rude? ha ha, what are you 12? Or super old? Welcome to the internet. Might want to thicken up that skin.
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    No Magnets when Touch or Type Cover Closed

    Dude, how are you people missing the obvious reason you NEED a magnet?? It's to fcking close the thing. When I put it in my backpack, I don't want the fcking cover flopping half open. As it is, it's fairly useless as a cover. It's a great keyboard, but doesn't actually work as a cover, so it's...