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    Hard Shell Case for Surface Pro 3

    I was using the trident case with mime ghost glass previously but my wife knocked the sp3 and it dropped onto cement floor from height of about 1m. It was quite a hard knock and my trident case cracked and minor crack at 1 corner of the mime but my sp3 is as good as new. What i am trying to...
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    Best Travel Bag/Case?

    I have this one. Pretty good and has enough space for more things, besides the adapter and other accessories.
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    i7 or i5 ($42 difference!!)

    i7 for sure. That's a nice deal you have there. I am from Malaysia. so just for comparison between the i5-256gb and i7-256gb = Malaysian dollar 4299.00 vs 4999.00 (i7). I bought the i7 version in november 2014. Fan does kick louder some times but most of the time its just warm and i am using...
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    Solved mobile broadband

    I'm using a Mobile broadband with wireless router built in. Its pretty small and its running 4G/LTE service. Therefore i do not have to plug it into the SP3 usb port and other device can connect to the mobile broadband too. Something like this...
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    WOW! It's available! an article on surface 3
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    Firmware update today

    firmware updated smoothly.
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    Trident Cyclops Case

    I have being using the Cyclops case for months now. No problem with heat and fully compatible with the touch cover. It has no problem to accommodate a tempered glass screen protector of 0.33cm thick. I emailed UAG before i placed my order for a cyclops and UAG rep could not give a confirmation...
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    New Apple 12" MacBook - competition to SP3 ?

    For me, no competition at all. No touch screen and its not a hybrid. Basically an thin apple laptop with updated hardware. The article didnot mention the screen resolution. That usb port is really a turn off.
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    Urban Armor Gear Black Case Review with Pics

    Initially interested in getting the UAG. However, the customer support could not confirm with me on the casing compatibility with my Mime Ghost Glass screen protector. I went and bought the Trident Case Cyclops instead, which not only allows the usage of the sp3 stand but also accessibility to...
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    Screen Protector?

    your device can get scratched too when its in the bag. rather regret of not having a screen protector when that happens, just get one tempered glass protector and that's it. Sometimes , it can get scratch by keys or anything in the bag or any where else. I rather get one good protector and at...
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    Sleeves/case for bare SP3?

    Dude, nicely done.
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    Screen Protector?

    Gorilla glass is only scratch resistance, doesnt mean it will not get scratch by harder substance. I'm using Mime Ghost Glass Once apply, you don't even know its there unless you really take your time to look at your sp3.
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    Sleeves/case for bare SP3?

    You are better off buying a new one. I am from Malaysia so the shipping is going to kill.
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    Sleeves/case for bare SP3?

    I am using Case Logic Reflexion Medium Messenger Bag to carry sp3 and other things i have to work I am using Trident case for sp3...
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    To Surface Pro 3 (or wait)

    What made you so concerned about win8.1? I have 2 non touchscreen laptop and sp3 using the OS and i think its alright. You just need some time to get use to the UI. By the way, waiting is always an endless loop and if you like the sp3, i don't see the reason why you should not go ahead and get...
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    Moto Connect. Wow.

    Never know those apps exist. Thanks for info
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    Do you see having more than one charger a waste of money?

    Minimum of 2; one always in the bag, one in the office. But i would prefer another one at home, so i do not have to take out the one from the bag
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    Microsoft Surface Pro3 12in Win8.1 Touch Screen Lcd Display Assembly V ???

    Save the trouble and your time and just send it to microsoft. The sp3 is a piece of sophisticated hardware and not something that you can easily dismantle. You might end up messing it up even more and at the end of the day, you have to send it to microsoft and probably paying more in the process.
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    best back cover for surface pro 3 compatible with type cover

    Dude, glad you are enjoying it. I am definitely happy with the purchase. The casing is not slippery on hand and mobile. Pretty handy to have around and the edges are also padded. Well, the casing also protect the sp3 from scratches when u put it in a bag or elsewhere.
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    New Intel drivers posted today (4080)

    It will uninstall intel display driver too. Ddu is only designed to uninstall those 3.