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    Official Windows 10 Insiders thread

    The touchpad options now are great... good build. Sent from mTalk
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    Poll Which docking station do you prefer for the SP4?

    I prefer the S4 dock (now that its working. hahaha) At my desk i have 2 computer monitors (making one of them my main display)-- use the SP4 with display in Portrait Flipped mode..laying flat on my desk like a legal pad. I have OneNote opened on that display and use it for writing notes...
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    HowTo SP4 DIY VESA-mounted docking station v2

    This. Sent from mTalk
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    Onenote V17 v Onenote 2013

    Yes, 1. Absolutely the best feature & huge time saver. 3. Creating separate notebooks is key. I also had an issue with syncing when my work notebook got too big. I created a smaller work notebook with only the docs/notes i need to access on my phone when away from the office/tablet...
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    I've Changed My Mind: The SP4 is Terrible

    Disagree..(.when talking about the SP4). This machine allows for a setup that is the same or if not better than a desktop. Due to its size and cpu power. I've used tablets as my primary work machine since the HP 500 Slate days. A dock can simulate a simple desktop experience that over time...
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    I've Changed My Mind: The SP4 is Terrible

    Why would i add another desktop? No. i travel for my work. You realize there is only 1 USB on the S4 right? My office setup is perfect and clean now. 2 monitors , 1 surface dock. Bluetooth mouse & keyboard. The 2 monitors display programs, ms office and web access. I use the S4...
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    Onenote V17 v Onenote 2013

    For me OneNote is invaluable tool. I am not the most organized person and this program has helped me both professional and personally. Here are some of the ways i use it. #1. Shared Folder/Notes--- I have documents that my sales team and operations team must fill out on a weekly basis...
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    I've Changed My Mind: The SP4 is Terrible

    At the office: Ethernet port. Vs wireless internet...... no comparison. Frees up the desktop for another employee.. multi monitor setup. Sent from mTalk
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    I've Changed My Mind: The SP4 is Terrible

    Desktop at home and office already. The frustration was the dock..... why it took MSFT 8 months to get that work right. now its flawless... I didn't mind the wait because I didn't pay for my SP4. Amazing machine. Sent from mTalk
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    I've Changed My Mind: The SP4 is Terrible

    Correct...i had a desktop for that purpose during those 8 months.... since I got the SP4 as a gift... no big deal. If I would have paid my own money for that handicap... very different story. Sent from mTalk
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    Surface Pro 5 Discussion

    For the Surface 5 Couple changes for the PEN ( some of these i mentioned in another post) a. Have the option for the pen to have a cap/cover to protect the tip. ( Just like a regular pen.) b. Have a laser pointer so the pen can be used in presentations ( instead of a separate device)...
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    I've Changed My Mind: The SP4 is Terrible

    I received the S4 as a gift so i think that changes the way i felt in the beginning about this unit. For the first 2 weeks i only noticed small problems and then BOOM i started getting hit with all the bugs/problems that everyone else was experiencing. Since i already was a tablet PC user...
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    Flight Mode always "on"?

    I have it on mine too... weird. Sent from mTalk
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    Must Have Surface Pro 4 Accessories?

    I also got a spare battery adaptor for my bedroom and the car adapter as well. Got both bundled off amazon for like $20 bucks... well worth it. Sent from mTalk
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    Solved Touchscreen interference issue, CONFIRMED--WEIRD!

    My co-worker has the SP3 and he has this exact problem that only happens when he sits at his desk. The touchscreen stops working and the pen. If he moves out of the office or works from home-- works flawlessly. We haven't figured out what is causing the interference. Sent from mTalk
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    Arc touch mouse Surface edition blows

    Mine was works great. I like it. Sent from mTalk
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    Must Have Surface Pro 4 Accessories?

    I have the following accessories: Type Cover Surface Arch Mouse. ( I like it-- recommend) Surface Dock. (total disappointment-- unable to extend 2 VGA monitors-- waste of $$$$. ) Battery Power Bank -- Qi Infinity 35,000 may. (pretty good battery pack-- I think I have charge the...
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    pen does not write but opens OneNote

    I have same problem. About 1.5 month ago-- when it first happened-- all I had to do was open the pen--remove the battery put it back in-- and it reconnected. About 2-3 weeks ago-- the problem happened again-- and I have not been able to get it to work. It pairs and the buttons work... but...
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    Surface Pro 4 firmware/hardware updates 4/19/2016

    Looks like the updates are working for me for the most part. Windows Hello is working much faster/better. My surface dock still does not work with a passive mini display to VGA adaptor. While it works directly off the Surface 4--- through the dock it doesn't work. I tried 2 adaptors and...
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    Surface 4 Dock Problem

    Guys, I just picked up a new Surface 4 dock. I connected it to my Surface 4 i5 unit & the power and USB connections are working. however-- I am not able to get my second monitor to display. I currently have a minidisplay to VGA adapter connected to the dock and the monitor does not...