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    Specifications Advice

    Go for the surface book. You have 30 days to return it.
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    Surface Book design problem?

    This off topic discussion is inane.You missed the point and intent of my post PERIOD (.)
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    Surface Book design problem?

    Bing or Google it
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    Surface Book design problem?

    In Europe that is the correct mathematical representation to our comma.
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    nVidia not showing up

    I dont want to dismiss your dissatisfaction with the device but based on your evaluation why have you not returned and gotten rid of the XXX
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    Finally, Pen Customization!!!

    Here is how to find the location of your OneNote 2010 2013 2016. If you have it on your taskbar right click on it. You will get a dialog popup with OneNote 2010 2013 or 2016 in it. Right click on it and chose properties from the new popup. In the new dialog box , on the bottom left you will see...
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    Screen cracked

    I am not sure if any of this applies or would be helpful to you but recently I accidentally cracked the screen on my Surface pro 1 with a ceramic stone coffee mug. I had Microsoft Complete but that had expired several months ago. I called Microsoft to see if it was repairable; it was not. The...
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    Any news on 1tb Surface Book?

    As you are most likely aware of: The shipping date of Jan 22 is confirmed if you go here: Buy Surface Book - Microsoft Store and select the 1TB model
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    SOS surface pro 3 will not boot up, Law school finals coming up

    I hope I am not being too simplistic but did you remove and reattach your keyboard; and then restart if necessary.
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    Would you?

    I also have it on my 1st gen SP1 128GB i5, which is close to your S3. It feels, responds and acts pleasingly zippy.
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    After a few days with the new Intel 520 beta driver - excellent results so far!

    Do the Following: Go to Device Manager Choose Display Adapters select arrow point to show all choices Right Click on Intel.. and choose "Update Driver Software" Choose Browse My Computer .. Choose Let me Pick.. Choose Have Disk Browse for folder where you unzipped your file open folder and look...
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    After a few days with the new Intel 520 beta driver - excellent results so far!

    Download Intel® Beta Graphics Driver for Windows® 7/8.1/10* [15.40]
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    Solved A Real Head Scratcher - No Sound

    Just a hunch, but did you restart and/or shutdown and reboot after trying each scenario ?
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    SFC Scan Finding Corrupt Files Post Update

    Not trying to be picky, but to be more precise, the reply statement is "found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them" This elevated (Admin) command prompt scan has been giving me the this same response on all 3 of my Surface Pro's, 1,2,3 for some time now. I am not sure that the...
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    TH2 Has Landed - aka Windows 10 November Update - it's being pushed out

    Let it sit there even if it takes overnight to complete. It will eventually complete. I have had the same experience on one of my machines. Went to bed and the next morning it was done. EDIT: Took over 10 hrs. to complete. SD card was not removed prior to upgrade process.
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    I was loving the Surface Book, but...

    This might be of help Check to make sure you have the latest office updates by doing the following: Open PowerPoint or any of the Office Suites Choose File Account Office Updates Update Now This will assure you that you have the latest updates
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    Surface dock without keyboard

    If you check the specs, they are the same dimensions 7 x 1 x 1
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    Surface dock without keyboard

    I believe this is the same item albeit with a lesser price.
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    3000x2000 resolution desktop UI?

    Scaling your unit to 200% should provide that resolution.
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    Insider Builds Help Surface Book?

    It can take up to 72 Hrs after initially opting for fast ring.