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    Best Way To Shut Down or Restart - Windows 8.1

    Well that's what every one else does on windows. As speaking of myself i simply just hold the keys windows + L and by clicking on the shut down button my work is done appropriately. custom web design company
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    Which 8'' tablet for the gym?

    Well i was planning to be buying a lenovo think pad 8 because of the specs and the slim and sleek design. i simply just found that gadget amazing. custom web design company
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    Why Did You Choose Your Tablet?

    The primary reason was because it was MUCH less heavy, slimmer and a bit smaller sized than the Surface area RT. Well yes I do really agree that ASUS is a quality producer. custom web design company
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    Question about extended monitor scaling in 8.1

    Well I was thinking of that I mean why MS cannot allow separate zoom capability on each one observed and let us set it up as we like instead of all this foolish dpi related. Is it really so difficult. custom web design company
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    Windows 8.2... What Do You Want!?

    At least provide me the choice. I did the personal computer modify to create the whole procedure more quicker and efficient, but we shouldn't have to do that for my custom web design company