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    POWER ISSUE: cord attached but periodically stops charging

    I had my charger replaced 3 times and I never had to send mine in first or at all. I talked to the reps over chat and they said they will send me a replacement right away..
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    System time off after hibernating

    For the last couple of weeks I noticed my system time is off after hibernating or sleep. I'll close my SP3 and when I wake up in the morning the time is from last night. Anyone know what is causing this? I know on a desktop it can mean the BIOS battery can be bad.
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    Fake charger?

    It was sealed new in box. The chargers are on sale for $52.99. I read the box before I purchase things...
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    Fake charger?

    I just purchased an extra charger at Best Buy and it looks different than the original charger that was included with my Surface Pro 3. The charger block does not have the Microsoft holographic sticker and the charger cable is missing the rubber clip on the chord. Are all extra chargers like this?
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    Normal for fan to run even when only browsing the web?

    I think usually notice it when I'm on Facebook.
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    Normal for fan to run even when only browsing the web?

    I have a SP3 i5 256gb with a UAG case. My fan runs once in a while when I am just browsing the web. Is this normal? Sometimes it's on full blast. It's really loud and you can feel the air blowing pretty hard. Is it my case that is causing it to overheat? When I am on youtube or playing...
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    Do you use screen protectors?

    How does Phatom glass compare to Zagg Glass? I noticed Zagg Glass has a little resistance when I swipe and my pen makes kind of a screeching noise on it.
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    Charge Indicator Light

  9. J

    Charge Indicator Light

    Is the charge indicator light supposed to turn off when fully charged? My SP2 turns off when fully charged. I also had to exchange my first SP3 and I thought I remembered the first SP3's light turning off when fully charged as well. My 2nd SP3 light never turns off.
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    Screen Protector

    The problem with the Zagg is that it's self healing and will show all pen marks. It takes forever for the pen marks to heal. If you use a type cover, the bumps on the "F" and "J" keys will also create lines in the protector too every time you close it. I use the Tech Armor too and it's been...
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    About scratches and warranties.

    When you guys set your Surface down, do you place it so the keyboard is on the bottom or facing up? I've been people place their SP/SP2 so the keyboard is facing up and they complain their SP/SP2 is getting scratched but it's because their not using the keyboard to protect their SP/SP2. Instead...
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    I think Microsoft stole $1000 from me

    Calm down... That's how my account looked like when I did an advance exchage. The Credit (amount with brackets) was charged first, then the charge without brackets was charged next. Nothing was ever charged to my card. It only showed in my MS account. Does your credit card show an...
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    Screen protector recommendation for Surface Pro 2

    Tech Armor's screen protector is by far the best. I've used ZAGG but it shows all of your pen marks. It's "self healing" but the pens lines will show for a while. Tech Armor's is inexpensive and also has lifetime replacement. It's also a hard screen protector so it will not leave any pen...
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    Logitech T630 mouse

    Did you install SetPoint from the Logitech website? I have a T630 mouse and love it. I had to change the sensitivity down for some of the gestures but other than that it works great.
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    Sync Android or Google Calendar with Windows Calendar in Surface?

    Only thing I don't like about using the built in sync via the exchange server is that you can't change the color of the Outlook calendar events. I keep getting pink/magenta assigned for my Outlook calendar.
  16. J

    Sync Android or Google Calendar with Windows Calendar in Surface?

    I solved it. I installed the app from the Google Play Store and switched all my calendar events from "my calendar" to the outlook calendar and now when I add an event in either my S4 or Surface, it syncs automatically to both devices.
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    SP2 Warranty

    I got mine taken care of my chatting with MS. I exchanged my surface and the store did a return and repurchase of my extended warranty but when I registered my new device, the extended warranty did not show up. The rep I chatted with asked me to email them a copy of the receipt then they...
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    Sync Android or Google Calendar with Windows Calendar in Surface?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I am trying to sync my Google/Gmail calendar with the calendar in windows. I got Live.Com/ to import my Google Calendar by subscribing to my Google accounts ICAL. However, it will only import when first subscribing then it will not automatically sync...
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    Horrible Customer Service for Surface

    My local MS store is the same. No one ever calls me back and always says they have no Surface Pro's in stock whenever I try to get a warranty exchange. I went to a store in Seattle while I was there for vacation and the MS store there exchanged my unit without any questions. Online chat has...
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    New 256GB with i5 4200u ?

    I don't think anyone on here will have an answer for you. I just replaced my Pro 2 at a Microsoft Store and the lot number was 1409. I was told they just got it in a few days before. It had the 4300U processor but the serial number was lower than my original unit. The serial numbers should be I...