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    Convince me to keep my SP3

    I am probably one of those people you read about having a screen/bezel separation issue. And as you might have read even I was on the fence about returning mine even though it CLEARLY has an issue. The people you see posting on here are the minority of those that are obsessive about their...
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    Glass/ Bezel Separation... I am really concerned.

    I think he meant to take the opportunity to just open it all the way up and replace the SSD, lol, since it's coming apart anyways. By the way I posted a while back that mine has the same issue. Take your SP3, hold it up, and look right down the top edge of it as if you are looking down the...
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    Audio Popping via Headphone Jack?

    My SP1, SP2, and SP3 all have had some audio popping. I have tried exchanging my SP2 over audio popping, but after 3 exchanges (some for bezel separation issues) I came to the conclusion that they pretty much all have it. In fact, I think it's a Windows 8 issue. I never had audio popping on my...
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    Deformed SP3? Anyone notice that their SP3 is curved outwards in the middle?

    Willie: I don't know if I entirely agree with that. My SP1 had a bezel separation issue as well, and definitely had backlight bleeding. My SP2 had the "clicking" bezel. I think Microsoft has struggled with quality control across the entire SP range. Just by judging the number of people that say...
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    Deformed SP3? Anyone notice that their SP3 is curved outwards in the middle?

    So, this is really weird. I've had both the SP1 and SP2 and am quite familiar with the typical quality control issues. My SP2 had the "clicking" bezel problem and my SP3 has some slight separation at the top where the plastic bezel meets the screen. But today I noticed something really weird...
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    Bezel Separation

    Mine has the same thing at the top where the plastic bezel starts and the aluminum ends, especially near the camera. This was a fairly common problem on the SP2's. I returned 2 SP2's in a row that both had the same thing, the bezel would be loose at the top left corner and make a clicking sound...
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    SP3 Reviews THIS. Yahoo, of all sources, gets it right. The video at the top should be Microsoft's new ad for the SP3. I find it hilarious/infuriating when people line up around the block to buy the new apple...
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    OFFICIAL I pre-ordered my Surface Pro 3

    Oops, missed that, duly noted kristalsoldier!
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    Any idea if the larger screen will require more ram? will 128/i5/4gb be too slow?

    Any ideas on whether the new screen size will cause 4 gb of ram to be insufficient? I saw one of the reviews mention that the high resolution causes a lag when working on certain things. I don't run anything more intense than word/Microsoft expressions and never had issues with my 4gb SP2. Can't...
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    OFFICIAL I pre-ordered my Surface Pro 3

    128/4gb i5, with.Red cover (finally they have a proper red cover!) :).
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    Loose Screen

    Thank you for confirming this! Mine does the same thing. Except it's kind of the top right quarter of the tablet. It makes a fairly load "cracking" noise as if (as someone pointed out) the glue didnt stick all the way. I agree about the QC issues, my SP1 had none of these problems (I also have a...
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    SP2 Owners, do you have a hissing/background static from the speakers/headphones?

    I enabled Razer Surround and it didn't do anything (awesome tool though, thanks for pointing out that something like that exists!) What did kind of work actually, was downdloading the audio codec drivers for windows7/8 from the realtek site. It actually made the noise go away by about 50%. I'm...
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    SP2 Owners, do you have a hissing/background static from the speakers/headphones?

    Name Taken: Just tried, no difference..., going to try to install some realtek drivers to see if it makes a difference.
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    SP2 Owners, do you have a hissing/background static from the speakers/headphones?

    Thanks for your responses guys. The reason this bothers me is because my SP1 did not have this issue at all. I tried messing with all the sound settings, and even disabled the microphone, but none of it did anything. I read a few stories online that some SP1 owners had this problem and ended up...
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    Pro 2 Stand Defect

    Mine is fairly flat, i feel the "ridge" where the two meet because there is still a very small gap between the stand and the back meet, but I don't think you can call it a bulge. I'm very very observant about new devices when I first get them and based on my experience with the SP1 and my SP2...
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    Anyone else get the old Pro charger with their Pro 2?

    I got the old style charger as well. I think the new charger is for the Surface 2 only. I feel like in a lot of ways they devoted all their time to improving the Surface 2 but did just under the hood changes with the SP2. They should have at least offered the SP2 in that sweet magnesium color.
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    SP2 Owners, do you have a hissing/background static from the speakers/headphones?

    Hi everyone, first time poster. Had a SP1 that I recently sold, and picked up my SP2 yesterday. When I've got my headphones plugged, and even when its just on speakers only, there is a background static/hissing noise coming from the speakers (I can hear even when volume level is at 2 with...