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    GPS with Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3

    It is not possible with the built-in GPS?
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    Best Music Player

    Outcoldplayer: listen to Google play music. You can store your song on pc also.
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    issue with external screen

    Instead of reebooring the sp3 you can disconnect and relogin. Maybe you have to adjust font scaling. If Simeone have a better method it Will be appreciated
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    Which Surface Pro 3 should I buy?

    Intel XTU. 342 vs 345 (i5 vs i7). Even opening some applications or loading webpages... Same time. Sometimes i5 faster. Really don't know if i7 IS 250€ worth
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    Which Surface Pro 3 should I buy?

    Did some test. I7 and i5 are equals or there is no such difference that 250€ can justify. Return to i5. I prefere to buy the docking station with that money.