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    Surface Pro 2 and Slow iPhone Charging

    Thanks for the info. godashram.
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    Surface Pro 2 and Slow iPhone Charging

    Yes the delayed charging happens regardless of the Surface being plugged in or running on battery. I have a full sized laptop that charges from 0 to 100% in (guessing) 2 hours. On the Surface two hours isn't getting me 25% of charge.
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    Surface Pro 2 and Slow iPhone Charging

    I've noticed that when I try and charge my iPhone off of the USB port, it can take four times longer to charge compared to charging off of my regular laptop or off the wall charger. Does anyone have an idea why this would be? Thanks, Rick
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    App for Surface Pro - Dynamic PDF

    Hi barbj, I'm a Realtor and have similar needs to yours. I have the Surface Pro and after looking at numerous options found that Drawboard is heads and shoulders above the rest. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by including fields that automatically calculate but if that's a PDF file that...
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    Surface RT and PDF editor and electronic signatures

    I'm a Realtor too and can't recommend more highly Drawboard. It's perfect for adding signatures directly to a PDF. Before I give my Surface to my client I will go through the doc and highlight all the signature spots in yellow highlight. And using the cloud for storage, when I get home to my...
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    Take notes on PDF

    With Drawboard you can modify the stroke weight from a value of 1 to 20. At least on my surface this allows for a very light or heavy stroke. I've looked pretty thoroughly and haven't found anything that comes close to Drawboard. But if there's a better app out there I'd love to know about it...
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    Skydrive tray icon is back

    What amazes me as much as anything with SkyDrive is that MS file history does not back this folder up. For reasons unknown to me on several occasions, in a relatively short span of time, I found many folders and files that would just go missing. Sometimes entire folders sometimes files within a...
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    SkyDrive Folders and Files Disappearing

    I've noticed a couple of times now that many (but not all) folders and files in my SkyDrive folder are just disappearing without cause. This could be disastrous and to be honest it's a MAJOR concern. I have two devices (Surface and laptop) that both access the SkyDrive folders but I know FOR...
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    Got my Type Cover 2...

    Yeah I love being at a meeting where iPads are all around me and I watch the iSheep try and type their notes using the onscreen keyboard. Too funny.
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    So I bought a Surface Pro 2.

    Quicker still for adjusting screen brightness I use Fn + Del to turn brightness up or Fn + Backspace to turn brightness down.
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    Got my Type Cover 2...

    Agree that the mousepad sucks. Much more in the dark than light but pretty much it sucks all the time. For now MS needs to seriously work on the mouse driver to make the existing mousepad semi-functional (please add a glide feature) then back to the drawing board for type cover 3 (though I do...
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    Apps just pending and not downloading

    I hadn't tried the Synch Licenses before so thanks for the tip. Hope there's not a next time but if there is I'll give it a go. I did however try wsreset.exe to no avail.
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    Apps just pending and not downloading

    I had the same issue and contacted Microsoft Support. The had me do a system refresh and that took care of it. It did create a couple of minor annoyances so I'd advise that you do a backup first. In fact now as I think about it, it wasn't the refresh but the restore or whichever process that...
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    Touchpad Settings

    Has anyone found a way to modify the touchpad setting so a long press will hold? I know you can drag two fingers on the touchpad and drag but I wish the touchpad were more configurable.
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    Bought Surface 2 Months Ago, Hasn't Worked Yet. . .

    Another ITism is PICNIC. Problem In Chair Not Computer
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    Battery Rundown App?

    My SP2 battery isn't getting anything close to 6 hours on normal use. Does anyone know of an app that performs a standardized battery run down test and provides a report of some sort?
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    Battery Rundown App

    Items my SP2 battery isn't getting anything close to 6 hours on normal use. Does anyone know of an app that runs a standardized battery run down test?
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    Stylus Crosshairs

    I've reviewed the Mouse Pointer Control Options and don't see an option to modify this pointer setting. There's one item called "Precision Select" which looks like the same icon but when I change it to something else the stylus cursor doesn't change. Any other thoughts?
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    Stylus Crosshairs

    Is there is a way to modify or even turn off the crosshairs that appear when the stylus comes near or touches the screen. I'm used to this but many of my clients who sign contracts on my SP2 are a bit confused by it. Has anyone found a way to modify the settings?
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    Remote to Surface 2 from another computer

    Have you tried