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    Does Surface Pro Have a Reading Mode Setting?

    I'm attempting to read long PDFs on the Surface Pro, but I'm noticing that the ceiling lights in my office reflect off the surface of the Surface Pro. I realize that this is probably just part of reading on a touch device. However, I notice that my laptop doesn't have the same glare (even when I...
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    Need PDF Annotating and Reading Advice

    Hey Riggi, Does PDF Annotator have extra space somewhere to take notes? Where do you take your notes when reading the PDFs?
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    Need PDF Annotating and Reading Advice

    Yeah I've tried full screen and it is quite a bit better. I still haven't found a way to get rid of the start bar at the bottom of the screen. The reader has a few other advantages that I'd love to see replicated in OneNote. For example, you can flip with your fingers from page to page in the...
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    Need PDF Annotating and Reading Advice

    I read a lot of 30-40 page PDFs (research papers). I usually print them out, but I purchased the Surface Pro because I like the idea of marking them up electronically in OneNote. Marking up PDFs in OneNote is a dream: I have all the space I could ever want for notes, the surface pen works great...