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    Trouble connecting to external monitor

    I guess there could be but my Win 8.1 and Win 10 both seem to have the DisplayPort enabled "out-of-the-box". I'd try another brand of adapter and return it if it didn't work.
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    Trouble connecting to external monitor

    The only marking on mine is "|O|" where the "O" has squared off corners and is more rectangular then square. The mini-displayport connector say "PPA" and the cable between the two says DisplayPort Cable E301195. I hadn't used it since going to Windows 10 so I tried it yesterday - still works...
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    Trouble connecting to external monitor

    I have used mine with an external monitor. I just looked at the adapter but it doesn't give the manufacturer's name.
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    System Partitions

    Windows Disk Management. A partition utility shows a 128MB (Reserved Partition) that Windows Disk Management doesn't show. My recovery image partition is 7.81GB
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    System Partitions

    Those don't match mine but I'm not going to worry about it. I decided to just leave the partitions as they are. I lose at the most 1 GB which isn't really significant. Thanks for looking.
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    System Partitions

    Does anyone know what partitions are required on the Surface Pro? On my SP - besides the "C" drive Windows 8.1 partition, the built-in Disk Management shows a 600 MB Recovery Partition, a 200 MB EFI System Partition, a 350 MB Recovery Partition, and a 7.81 GB Recovery Partition. I know the 7.81...
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    Surface Pro for Mobile Business?

    This thread may contain info of use to you:
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    Wavy lines on extended monitor (weird)...

    Rather than removing the 3rd prong - try a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter
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    So chuffed but...

    You're both right about "chuffed". Webster's Unabridged Dictionary: chuffed1 (chuft), adj. Brit. Informal. delighted; pleased; satisfied. [1855–60; see CHUFF2, -ED2] chuffed2 (chuft), adj. Brit. Informal. annoyed; displeased; disgruntled. [1825–35; cf. dial. (mainly S England)...
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    how to monitor battery usage?

    You need to run these in a command prompt (they don't have a GUI).
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    Surface Pro how to sleep display?

    I don't know if there is an easy way. If I wanted to do this, I'd set up a blank screen saver with either a short activation time or use a 3rd party screen saver control to activate the screen saver.