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    Best Practices for maintaining computer

    Agree. I keep Surface Pro 4 with minimal software used for work and other official business. That means no beta's, no trials, no non stock system utility tools. Back up drive daily
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    Power button not working on Surface Pro 4

    Good Morning Everyone I have. Surf Pro 4 i5 8GB device. I am having a problem with getting the device to turn on consistently after pressing the power button. Sometimes I can get the device to turn on if I press the power button / volume down button. I havr also tried to hold the power...
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    Surface pro 4 pen - pen tip doesnt work

    Hi everyone I have a surface pro 4 i5. The pen works - the eraser button brings up apps, pairs via bluetooth. It just doesnt seem to work as a touch feature. Ive tried the following: Uninstall / reinstall firmware Verified latest software update Restart PC Unpair / Pair via bluetooth...
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    Best drawing program?

    Is there a drawing program that you recommend if ability consists of stick figures?