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    this solved my Pen problem

    Jesus Christ, I thought you are talking about the pen calibration, judging from your thread title... I too, use that pen loop on my SP2 btw.
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    Is the Surface Pro 2 much of an upgrade?

    IMHO, if you don't really have & use memory-hungry software like Photoshop, Lightroom, AutoCAD or 3D-Max & so-on, the original Surface Pro with 4GB ram should be okay. 4gb ram is pretty much what made me holding off buying the original SP. Now that the SP2 256/512gb models come with 8gb ram, I...
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    Using Cintiq Companion's stylus on Surface Pro 2?

    I do, actually, use the Samsung stylus with the WinTab driver for graphic design & photo retouching work. Having the pressure levels (pressing down the pen gives you thicker line) is very valuable for my workflow. I have tried & didn't like the Wacom Feel stylus. Because for a premium price...
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    Using Cintiq Companion's stylus on Surface Pro 2?

    As the title suggest, is it going to work? Right now I'm using Samsung S7 slate pen, which is slightly more accurate than the stock stylus. But I'm just wondering if the Companion's stylus is compatible with Surface Pro? Since both of them are similar, win 8 tablet with wacom digitiser. Has...
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    Micro SD card issues

    Might have been a defective microsd card. Try cleaning up the contact point on the card & plug it in again.
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    Re-Map the Function of the Pen Button?

    You can, but you need to install the Wacom Feel driver to do so
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    usb 3 hub?

    Well I prefer to have the ethernet jack built in the hub rather than carryong another extra ethernet dongle.
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    usb 3 hub?

    Do you know where can I get that? I already have a USB 3.0 hub for my Surface Pro 2, but having that extra ethernet port is actually more useful for me as I might need to connect to my workplace server.