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    surface pro 4 type cover

    Have you tried plugging in a USB Keyboard and resinstalling the latest Firmware/Driver package from Download Surface Pro 4 Drivers and Firmware from Official Microsoft Download Center? Any chance you can test the cover on another Surface?
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    Surface Pen Tip Kit - sold out/expensive?

    LOL Tell me about it! I'm still using the original tip myself. Some of them write harder as well as tap harder then needed on the screen, meaning I can hear them smacking the screen across the nurse station. LOL Previous tablets, XT2, required more pressure than these pens so it has been hard...
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    Original touch keyboard

    2 things, 1. Check the "Language" your friends keyboard is set to, I'm thinking yours is French and his is not. 2. Looking at the 2 keyboards one has settings on the lop left which happened with the recent Windows 10 Fall Creators update (1709) and the other is in the lower right which is...
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    Anyone come across any non MS Pen tips for the Surface Pens?

    Looking for an alternative pen tip for the Surface pens that is reasonably priced instead of Microsoft's $5 per tip or their new $6.66 per tip for the 3 tip pack they seem to be replaced the 4 pay with. Have 21 tablets at my business and staff can go through 8 tips every month or 2. :( Thanks...
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    Surface Pen Tip Kit - sold out/expensive?

    LOL We have 21 SP4s at my work and the nurses go through pen tips like crazy. Now like O'neal commented, they are selling out or sell 3 for $20usd and 4 packs around $35usd. Seems like Microsoft may be phasing out the 4 tip pack for a 3 tip pack but still charging $20 a kit! What Microsoft is...
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    Touchscreen Issues

    I had this issue on 3 tablets after calibrating them but was the lower 1 inch of the display. Fix was to go back int Control Panel, Tablet PC settings, and select reset. Do not calibrate after the reset.
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    Avastar wifi adapter disappears

    Fought this issue on and off a while back on our 21 SP4s. Changing the band to 5Ghz only corrected it for us. My wireless issue now is not having a Roaming Aggressiveness setting!
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    Samsung Galaxy TabPro S - Windows 10 2-in-1

    Have to say, I have been really impressed with this tablet! Currently have it set up on a desk with the Multi port adapter, then HDMI to DVI Adapter running a second screen. Have really enjoyed forgetting it at times in the front room only to wake it up and work on it again for another week...
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    Fall Update to 1709

    Was found that the Standard Keyboard option is only available if you use the US Keyboard setup. :( had a few of us digging into the same day it was released or the next.
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    External USB WiFi with Roaming option suggestions?

    Going to check my ASUS Cards at home to see if they have it. Never really cared outside of the work space.
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    External USB WiFi with Roaming option suggestions?

    Booo hiss!!! LOL What is up with no Roaming Aggressiveness lately? Updated to 1709 on my SP4 and so far zero issues once you change back the keyboard to standard keyboard. Interesting how MS doesn't thing the "Standard" keyboard should be, well, standard? They keep pushing the other one that...
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    External USB WiFi with Roaming option suggestions?

    Any chance you mind checking Device Manager, Edimax wifi adapter properties and if there is a Roaming Aggressiveness option in the Advanced tab? I was looking at those EDIMAX also so this would help. :) Figured I would try 2 and go from there.
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    External USB WiFi with Roaming option suggestions?

    We have 21 SP4s and 5 APs that feed them Wireless. Problem is there is no Roaming Aggressiveness setting for the built in Marvel WiFi so the SP4s stay connected to a an AP even when it is down the haul from the user and they are currently standing underneath another. This in turn I beleive is...
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    On-Screen Standard Keyboard Layout missing on Fall Creators Update

    Hope they correct that for you! was writing my reply when you posted so I didn't catch that it was in fact the language setting. :(
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    On-Screen Standard Keyboard Layout missing on Fall Creators Update

    Interesting! Mine also has a mic option on the SP4. When I opened the main and saw this post I didn't notice it was fromt the SP3 forum, still shouldn't be a reason to not have the Standard keyboard. FYI, I updated via the Update Assistant. OS Build 16299.15
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    On-Screen Standard Keyboard Layout missing on Fall Creators Update

    I noticed it was no longer in the settings but when I launched the on screen keyboard, it was available in those options. Hope yours is just a bug, staff will be upset if their tablets were missing the standard keyboard layout since they are entering alpha and numeric all day long!
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    On-Screen Standard Keyboard Layout missing on Fall Creators Update

    Still there. The update hid my touch keyboard button so I had to first right click the task bar and then select Show touch Keyboard button. From there open the touch keyboard, select the settings icon which moved to the top left (Keyboard/gear symbol) and select the standard keyboard (far...
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    Windows 1709 (16299.15 rs3) rolling out on Insider Preview *Slow*

    Looking forward to any WiFi improvements! Really hope they add a Roaming option to the Marvel driver soon! 21 SP4s that do not smoothly switch between the 5 APs while the nurses move throughout the center can be frustraiting!
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    connect 2 surface pro 4 together?

    I know Logitech flow can do this (Can actually connect 3 devices) but it requires a Logitech flow Mouse and Keyboard. Otherwise look into a Software KVM option.
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    help 100% disk usage problem, win10 - common causes?

    Task Manager ------> Performance -------> Open Resource manager (bottom of window) -------> Disk This should give you more information to track down what is consuming the Disk bandwidth. Also recommend running a scan with Malwarebytes and your AV just in case you picked up a Virus or malware...