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  1. Ruffles

    Problem with Charging

    My wife's SP3 started doing this 2 days ago. I thought it was the charger so I ordered one on Amazon. My SP4 did it today. I bought a new charger at lunch from Best Buy ($79 WTF???) and it still doesn't work and the battery completely died. Called support and they are now doing Advanced...
  2. Ruffles

    That problem that microsoft just won't fix

    I just bought my SP4 with i7/16GB/256GB and I have this problem as well. It's completely up to date and I constantly have problems waking it up. I have it set to use sleep instead of hibernate.
  3. Ruffles

    Windows 10 on Surface Pro 2

    I'll defiantly run it when it's released but I don't feel like dealing with bugs on my surface. I'll probably check it out in a VM.
  4. Ruffles

    Audio Driver - Enhancer for Bass?

    When I had my SP1, there were options in the sound settings for bass and eq etc. With my SP2, those options are gone. Are they there on the SP3?
  5. Ruffles

    Disk Activity Light?

    I use HddLed.
  6. Ruffles

    Will Microsoft replace old Pro 2 with new Pro 2?

    Buying from eBay should not make a difference. What you need to do is go to and register your device (assuming the previous owner removed it from their account). Once you do this, it will show how much (if any) warranty is left. Also, if you have purchased the extra MS...
  7. Ruffles

    i7 benchmarks & tests

    Download a program called Prime95. This application will peg your CPU at 100% manipulating prime numbers. This will cause the CPU to heat up and the fans to kick on etc. It's generally a tool used for people overcooking their PCs because it provides a "stress" test.
  8. Ruffles

    why dont I see yesterdays update?

    Open the control panel, go into the Action Center and run the windows update trouble shooter at the bottom. See if that restores your updates.
  9. Ruffles

    AverMedia DVD EZMaker 7 issues

    Could it be that the device is drawing too much power thru the USB port? I've experienced what you describe with some USB hard drive enclosures. Have you tried connecting it thru a powered USB hub?
  10. Ruffles

    This has to go back...

    If it worked fine for 5 days and then suddenly started acting up, it's most likely software - ether something you installed or something got corrupted. It's certainly not a cooling design problem because that hasn't changed. I like to install an imaging program such as Macrium Reflect that...
  11. Ruffles

    Type cover pen holder warranty!

    If I had to choose between a thinner pen that I always had with me because it fit in the tablet or a thicker pen that I ether lost because it fell out of the cheesy little pen loop, or the pen loop itself fell off, or I simple left it at home because I was wearing a shirt with no pockets, I'd...
  12. Ruffles

    Type cover pen holder warranty!

    You could have a thinner pen.
  13. Ruffles

    Type cover pen holder warranty!

    Yeah, the lack of a silo has always bothered me. It's not like the current size is perfect and anything large enough to hold the pen wouldn't sell.
  14. Ruffles

    SP3 hooked up to dual monitors

    In the task manager, make sure you have Kernel times selected on the CPU graphs. That way, you can see if the OS is taking up CPU or if it's some other process. If you tablet is brand new, it could be doing indexing and other optimizations and performance will increase when it finishes.
  15. Ruffles

    So who's doing the "line thing" at an MS Store on the 20th?

    I lined up at BB for my SP1. I had preordered so I was sure it would be there. I'm in rural Idaho so there were only about 10 people in line and they only got 4 in stock (aside from the preorders). I've got an SP2 now and I think I'm going to skip the 3 and wait for the 4 but if I was...
  16. Ruffles

    Surface Pro 3 - Why?

    The sad reality is that is sucks to be a corner case. As an engineer, I run in to this all the time. A problem arises and we ask ourselves how many users will hit it. If the number is low, it doesn't get fixed simply because the are other bugs that will affect more people. It's not because...
  17. Ruffles

    Warranty Swap on Type Cover 2

    Mine peeled on the back of the spine. I submitted a warranty claim via the website and got a brand new replacement. Then I sent the old one back.
  18. Ruffles

    Surface Camera issue

    Any app that comes from the Microsoft store is a metro app. If the app comes from another source like a CD or DVD and you have to click setup.exe to install it, it's a regular windows application.
  19. Ruffles

    To Be SP3 Owners

    I'll be interested to see some benchmarks between the two. According to Intel, there isn't much difference...even with the GPU. ARK | Compare Intel® Products