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  1. r0b123

    Updated keyboard shortcuts

    Here is updated list plus some new shortcuts too... Note: [NEW] denotes a new keyboard shortcut introduced in the the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Quick access to basic system functions: Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Opens Task Manager. WIN + F: Opens the Feedback Hub with a screenshot attached to...
  2. r0b123

    Will SP4 Typecover fingerprint scanner work on SP3 w/W8.1?

    @Yillbs - I understand. Fair question and totally get it, especially if there are older apps that might be incompatible on W10 or lack of drivers or maybe even support. I've noticed if it were enterprise or large companies, they have to wait for IT to roll out W10 after testing apps, drivers...
  3. r0b123

    Hello Face Recognition and Fingerprint Reader handy for purchases

    Very cool! While I like the convenience and it reminds me of smartphones with NFC/Apple Pay/etc, I'm still skeptical on purchases. Logins and other practical applications/scenarios are fine, but don't want someone spoofing my face for things like this without my authorization.
  4. r0b123

    Is it worth buying the new SP4 type cover to use on my SP3?

    I agree, I kept the Sp4 type cover w/finger print scanner and love using it on my Sp3. As much as I started using the Sp4, I really loved the reliability and how the type cover itself made the Sp3 "new to me" again. I ended up returning the Sp4 a week later.
  5. r0b123

    Will SP4 Typecover fingerprint scanner work on SP3 w/W8.1?

    Curious, what's keeping you on 8.1? Win10 is a free upgrade and it allows you to use the Sp4 Type Cover w/fingerprint scanner. It's a lot quicker and IMHO better features and improved apps.
  6. r0b123

    How many times have you replaced the main battery in your SP3 Pen?

    Haven't replaced it yet, still going strong after more than a year of use.
  7. r0b123

    SP4 Pen on SP3. Anyone try it out?

    Agree with otherminds' post. Definite improvement and like the pressure sensitivity. Encourages me to start doing some sketches and drawing now!
  8. r0b123

    Solved New Type Cover Not Working

    Assuming you have Win10 with the firmware update mentioned above? I had to install the update and restart before it worked properly.
  9. r0b123

    10/26 firmware inbound

    No issues after the update. Will probably pick up the Sp4 finger print ID keyboard later today and see how well it works with my SP3. SP4 pickup will be end of the week and hopefully be using it full time after I transfer all my files.
  10. r0b123

    Surface Pro 3 Dock with Surface Pro 4?

    Is this the same dock that we're talking about -> Microsoft Surface Tablets The proprietary port/docking port is now called "SurfaceConnect" port with the cable. I really like this and will be getting one or two to go with my SP3 and soon-to-be SP4.
  11. r0b123

    Surface Dock

    Somehow I missed this on my radar, but the new Surface Dock will work with the SP4 and Surface Book, but also the SP3. What I like is doesn't use the existing USB port, but increases the amount of USB ports. It also uses the same port that is used for charging. I'll be getting one for sure as...
  12. r0b123

    How Often do you Hard Reset? (Volume up and Power)

    Now that Win10 has stabilized after release, I don't recall doing the hard reset. But when I was on early builds, it was a once every 2 weeks or so.
  13. r0b123

    To those upgrading from SP3 --> SP4, what will you do with your old one?

    I don't recall MS stores, or Best Buy will take trade ins, but I would consider it if the offer was right. But since my folks need a new system, I'll be giving them my SP3.
  14. r0b123

    Official I pre-ordered a Surface Pro 4

    Since my SP3 is an i5/4Gb/128Gb, I'm going to get a big boost and upgrade to i7/256.
  15. r0b123

    Which firmware for Windows 10 Enterprise?

    I'll take a look at the FW I'm using after my system finishes updating as I was pushed an update, build 10532. I thought Enterprise builds were done but seems we're still getting updates.
  16. r0b123

    Surface Pro 3 won't turn on

    Try unplugging the power from the SP3 then reconnect it, and then hold the power button for >10 seconds. I had this issue once and thought my SP3 was dead too, but after playing with the power, and holding the power button it came back up.
  17. r0b123

    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Seeing build TH1 Enterprise 10240! Installing now...
  18. r0b123

    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Speaking of Insider Hub, I saw this update "Feature on Demand for X64 (Insider Hub)" on the list when I checked for an update. Installing now, anyone know what this does?
  19. r0b123

    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Hmm, mine was activated on its own awhile ago, don't recall doing this at all...
  20. r0b123

    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Wow, just yesterday upgraded to 10159. I was expecting a few weeks of Definition Updates, and lo n behold, another NEW build 10162!! Seriously, we are on ludicrous speed for updates!! Hoping its more fit n finish!!