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    does the OP have a surface pro 3? I assumed he had the original surface pro which doesn't have connected standby?
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    OneDrive status icon missing

    always have all icons showing so I don't have the arrow. funny thing is, playing around with showing / hiding icons in the system tray, OneDrive isn't even in the list of icons that can be shown or hidden. still haven't found a fix yet. :(
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    OneDrive status icon missing

    my OneDrive status icon in the system tray disappeared. I believe it was after the September updates. I've finally come around to try to get it back and no luck. tried rebooting, OneDrive troubleshooter, uninstalling / reinstalling the updates and still no icon. OneDrive is actually working, I...
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    Best Small Printer

    I use an HP OfficeJet 100 Mobile Printer with my SP1 and it works fine for printing in a pinch. I have it using bluetooth and it runs on an included battery if you need to print mobile.
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    stickerboy wedge mouse

    I really couldn't tell ya. I only applied the side wraps, I didn't want to cover up the top part that may interfere with scrolling at all.
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    Surface Pro 3 MicroSD Card

    it's not too bad. I have both my dropbox and my onedrive folders on the SD card sync'ing fine. I forgot which one (maybe both) complained that the folder couldn't be on removable media. just make a C:\SD folder on your hard drive and use window's disk management to point that folder to the SD...
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    Looking for a keyboard which includes numeric keys

    I actually had that canon one before I scored the Microsoft keypad and can tell you first hand that entry is night and day worse on that thing. if you look at the key layout in flyswatter's pics, it's nothing like what you'd be used to on a standard keyboard. if I remember correctly, the canon...
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    Quicken scales horribly out of the box on an SP1. fonts were tiny in the main screen and huge in the register. I would imagine the SP3 experience to be similar. I disabled scaling on Quicken and it's usable enough. like what's already been mentioned, not a lot of alternatives and I have many...
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    Looking for a keyboard which includes numeric keys

    I do some heavy numeric entry with my SP1 occasionally. I use one of these along with the type cover: Bluetooth so it doesn't use up the one port. I've tried all those fancy calculator / keypad gadgets but they all have certain keys in non-standard places. Microsoft's is simple and laid-out...
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    stickerboy wedge mouse

    very cool!! :) I skinned my iPhone 5 with stickerboy to match the surface. didn't hold up quite as well as the surface skin cuz the iPhone gets handled and tossed around a lot more. not gonna skin the old iPhone anymore with the 6 coming out soon, can't wait!! :)
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    onedrive behaving oddly

    great to hear!! :) I've been running without that update for a week without any ill effects
  12. bertopl

    onedrive behaving oddly

    my problems with OneDrive were a little different than yours after the June updates. my OneDrive icon was always stuck on "OneDrive is Starting Up" even though things seemed to be operating properly (not sure). a "skydrive.exe /reset" on a command prompt only fixed things temporarily until a...
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    Won't turn on I'm docking station when opening keyboard

    my pro 1 has never woken up just by opening the keyboard alone. I didnt think the SP2s were any different
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    odd behavior of Photos app, displaying tile photos that cannot be found.

    the photo app keeps some sort of cache of photos that have been randomly chosen to display. I forget the exact file path but I was playing around with it to see if the pictures to display could be manipulated. the cache remains as far as I know for a while even after deleting the original as the...
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    different scaling on office apps

    I don't know what I did wrong but powerpoint 2013 is scaled different than any of my other office apps. here's a screenshot: this is only when I'm using the SP1 with an external monitor. when unplugged from the monitor, all office apps are scaled the same, but as soon as I connect to...
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    Instant messaging apps between Windows & iOS

    you can sign onto skype from various chat clients using the old school native skype user name & pw or most offer an option to use a hotmail / msn user name to consolidate messenger and skype contacts. did you have her try signing in with a plain vanilla skype name?
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    Instant messaging apps between Windows & iOS

    I've used IM+ for a while on both iOS and the surface. started getting a lot of random disconnects on iOS though. since it supports a lot of different chat services, maybe IM+ on your surface and a native app on the iOS? havent used either for a while now, not much of a need anymore, mostly just...
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    bluetooth killing wi-fi

    the router needs to be able to support 5ghz. check the specifications on your router. mine has a screen where you can adjust settings for either band. it's not an ISP thing
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    Best Portable TV I've Ever Owned - Surface Pro 2 - Slingbox

    slingbox is great!! bought one a few months back. bought the slingplayer app for win8, ipad and iphone the same day. I only have one tv in the house and it's nice having my whole cable selection in whatever room I'm in with whatever gadget is laying around!!
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    Which 8'' tablet for the gym?

    I've been watching for the thinkpad 8 too but reading around, it looks like lenovo is having some serious order fulfillment issues last time I was reading about it. lots of people seem to be waiting a long time for their orders to ship and expected ship dates are jumping around randomly. the LTE...