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  1. Steven Du Bois

    Microsoft update

    ok y'all in case anyone wants to know there is a fix for this well documented issue. According to the Microsoft site and what was marked as a solution it is to work to download windows 10 like it is being updated again..this option takes a lot less time than actually installing it all fresh but...
  2. Steven Du Bois

    Microsoft update

    there is a store but its pretty far away...the problem is not my internet, its just that the internet does not have the speed to do two things at once lol. I brought it to work to do the same thing and had the same problem. Internet is very fast there
  3. Steven Du Bois

    Microsoft update

    It goes through all the motions of the download install then the end of the restart it says unable to install and then completes restart...taskbar then tells you update failed.
  4. Steven Du Bois

    Microsoft update

    HELP! Ok, I live in a fairly rural area with crappy and very slow internet at home (no cable options) ...for more than a week, every time I log onto the internet from my SP3 it tries to download the newest update but the download seems to work (slows up everything else I am trying to do), goes...
  5. Steven Du Bois

    Microsoft Store error 0x80248014

    I have had this problem for a long time now...I haven't ben able to download ANYTHING from the windows store...I guess that's ok...if I really need an APP ill just download it on AMI Duos which I use much more when as a tablet than any windows store app...Its strange too but the recent windows...
  6. Steven Du Bois

    Who here upgraded their Pro 3 pen to the Pro 4 pen?

    No worth upgrading if your current pen works..I have both only because I wanted the blue pen that matches my keyboard...didn't realize I ordered the new SP4 does feel nice but my finger found it much easier to erase by clicking the button than turning the darn thing over...
  7. Steven Du Bois

    New Owner. A Mistake?

    I agree with everyone here, most of your issues are not normal so hopefully the rest fixed for you. For me tho, the app store was a killer especially for many of the apps I truly need in a tablet for grad school...Load an android emulator so you can get the android apps as well....I use amiduos...
  8. Steven Du Bois

    Worst battery powered device ever, my SP3...

    As long as I leave the internet off I get 9 hours too...but if you are working online maybe 3 hours...just like a normal laptop...its the processor and the fan...the M processor units do not have this issue...I'd prefer an 8GB ram with an M processor but its not an option with the surface...then...
  9. Steven Du Bois

    Poor quality apps

    You are correct! Most of the windows store apps ae poor quality or simply non existent...I use Bluestacks to get mu android apps on windows and use that Kindle, faceboook, etc. Great choice
  10. Steven Du Bois


    Oh I really do love what my surface is capable of, however, as a student and professional, one thing that I really do need is certain apps that the windows store does not seem to have any luck in carrying. Enter in AMI DUOS and its ability to load Google Play apps onto my system...this should...
  11. Steven Du Bois

    will there be a Surface 4 (non-Pro)

    Okay, so heres my qualm with the idea of a suface 4. I own and use all the time my S3 (non pro). The reason for this is the size. I found it quite difficult to use the larger pro tablets as a reading device when need be. I use my S3 mainly for school (I am working on my matsers on-line). Long...
  12. Steven Du Bois

    Set up Surface 3 with windows 10 pro edition

    not sure why you would want to have the pro version...not much more beneficial it can do except use some more memory space.
  13. Steven Du Bois

    On the fence about a Surface 3

    Don't know what I would do without the S3...right size machine for both a tablet and small laptop and also to become a desktop (slower) with the docking station...however the recent sales and black Friday deals make me feel like a fool for paying what I did even with the 10% discount...I said...
  14. Steven Du Bois

    Cortana use

    I really do not understand the need for either cotana or siri..seems quite ueless...
  15. Steven Du Bois

    Battery Life3

    If I am doing real active work online including video viewing and notetaking I can get 7 hours or if I am using the tablet functions to let say read on kindle,. I can get up to 15 hours based on the battery notification..The atom processor, even though it is a little slower, the plus...
  16. Steven Du Bois

    Antivirus software and surface 3

    I had other software but it actually blocked a lot of what the computer was built to do including using Microsoft Edge Web Browser...Defender had blocked a few issues and so far have not had any real issues. The sales reps in the Microsoft Store even say that Defender does enough and to add...
  17. Steven Du Bois

    Full Circle

    I sold a laptop that was still fairly new that in hindsight I think I should have kept but is was not a very large screen (14 inches)...I already bought another and returned fast...I think that although I can make due on most things with the S3 I see the need for a faster processor....its funny...
  18. Steven Du Bois

    Using new surface pen with Surface 3?

    It amazes me...Microsoft has a great concept and a fairly good product that is just way too overpriced...Those of us that have a S3 or pro models realize that we would never want to return to life without them...for me its both school and church use as well as light business, for others primary...
  19. Steven Du Bois

    Full Circle

    very expensive way to figure things out...just started working with the dock but feel the same...a higher powered desktop would really do the trick...
  20. Steven Du Bois

    Using new surface pen with Surface 3?

    I had similar problems, the loop does not stay permenantly to the keyboard cover...however to put the loop on the S3 itself just above the kickstand works wonders...