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  1. kundas1

    msn website keeps crashing IE11

    so obviously the Surface RT has the home page set to MSN... the problem is MSN site keeps crashing IE11 and only that site, all others are working as it should... and it only does it on my RT, on my SP 3 and S3 it is fine... WTH is going on with IE11 on RT? how can I fix this?
  2. kundas1

    Getting hot

    I also use edge all the time as I have to because IE works so bad ATM for me... and edge works perfectly fine on here using my SP3
  3. kundas1

    Getting hot

    there ya go, those 2 programs are the biggest memory vampire hogs ever developed... both are notorious for bad battery drains and other problems try using MS edge for your browser and use another anti virus.
  4. kundas1

    Getting hot

    then you might have a rogue program/app running in the background, I suggest you see what's going on in the task manager, and do a check battery report.. also what anti-virus programs do you have running? those are notorious for draining the battery...
  5. kundas1

    Getting hot

    have you done all updates? normally with each update the battery life has gotten better... also there is many many factors in to why/how long the battery life lasts.
  6. kundas1

    Type Cover (1) isn't working

    I would just get a used one off of kijiji or craigslist or ebay ect ect, less of a headache...
  7. kundas1

    UHD mkv file

    dear lord that's a big file! even for a 4K, biggest 4k file I ever had was 38.8GB and I thought THAT was big! perhaps the encoding is not done well? normally VLC can play anything I throw at it, UNLESS its coded badly and then I get problems... that could be happening in your case.
  8. kundas1

    UHD mkv file

    yea my SP3 can play UHD no problems and I only have the i5... something doesn't sound right.
  9. kundas1

    Getting hot

    yes that's normal for a new machine and will only last a few days... right now there is a lot working in the background with doing updates and then sorting itself out. But if it continues for a week then there might be a problem with the cooling... after you have completed all the updates it...
  10. kundas1

    Hello everyone

    welcome aboard
  11. kundas1

    Solved Surface Book is Going Back

    glad it worked out for ya... most times all someone needs to do is a full wipe and restore, and if that doesn't help then get a replacement! too many times I've seen people abandon a surface product to immaturely and not give it a chance...
  12. kundas1

    Would not power on, tried it all... and today it did but now I'm worried...

    its probably nothing, sometimes the computer is on but the screen doesn't turn on from sleep mode but your computer is indeed on... all you have to do is the 2 button reset and you will be fine. to see if that's the case next time that happens press the windows logo to see if it vibrates, if it...
  13. kundas1


    I've been enjoying seans vids way back since I got my Surface RT! amazing what the S3 is capable of doing!
  14. kundas1

    share a new wallpaper

    hey folks, thought I would share a wallpaper that I made, hope someone will enjoy it :)
  15. kundas1

    How much force can Surface pro 3 screen support without getting damaged?

    I deleted your other post please don't make duplicate posts I know someone hasn't answered your weird question for a reason... so why would you want to know this? I've had my SP3 for over 2 years and it has been rock solid..
  16. kundas1

    new to SP4 questions

    1) no it makes no difference tablet mode or pc mode, only what apps/games you use that determines how much battery power it needs as more intensive stuff with tax the ram/cpu and therefore use the battery more... and also the brightness of your screen. 2) what dock are you referring to? I don't...
  17. kundas1

    Type cover keyboard flat or propped up? Which do you prefer and why?

    have you tried this? go to an MS store if you can, and attach another keyboard, if it works what it'll do is sorta reset something and your original KB will start working again, that's what I had to do on one of my Surface RT. I tried everything else to make it work like you, but attaching...
  18. kundas1

    Solved Surface Pro 1 Won't boot

    excellent, so now leave it plugged in and let the battery charge fully, never let the SP1 battery get fully dead... very bad for the battery and device, make sure to plug it in when you see that 10% warning or what I do is just plug it in when it gets to 50% and till 99% and that will keep your...
  19. kundas1

    Solved Surface Pro 1 Won't boot

    here is a video that might help, if not look for others on YouTube ;)
  20. kundas1

    Solved Surface Pro 1 Won't boot

    it shouldn't take more than 3-4 hrs to charge fully... not a full day. if that was the case then your battery would be finished, is the SP1 plugged in while doing this? if not then maybe it needs to charge...but if its plugged in then it shouldn't matter what the battery level is. Try again the...