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  1. cereal killer

    Surface Phone and Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Update Coming April 2017

    I think MSFT fully understands that they must bring a compelling smartphone to market in order to compete and perhaps this phone will be it. I think iOS and Android need a serious competitor to continue to push innovation and features in the smartphone market...we'll see. I'm definitely...
  2. cereal killer

    Proper way to wear the MSFT Band (2)?

    I always see everyone wearing the Band with the face inside the wrist. I have the Band and my Band 2 is on the way, but I've always worn the Band with the face on the outside of the wrist (like a regular watch). Question is, does it really matter which way you wear it and is it supposed to be...
  3. cereal killer

    Band 2

    I pre- ordered the Band 2 because I'm really really happy with my original Band. Yes it wasn't perfect in regards to design but as a fitness wearable it was unbeatable. I'm an avid fitness enthusiast (running, sprints, wieght training, cross training) and found Fitbits to be extremely...
  4. cereal killer

    950 or 950XL?

    It really only comes down to the size preference on these two phones. Which one are people picking up. Please cast your vote!
  5. cereal killer

    Microsoft Reveals the Lumia 950 & 950 XL Smartphones; Full Specs, Features, Pricing and Release Date

    Just keeps getting better Mozo Accessories | official Lumia mobile accessories partner Leather or metal back anyone?
  6. cereal killer

    Microsoft Reveals the Lumia 950 & 950 XL Smartphones; Full Specs, Features, Pricing and Release Date

    So impressed with MSFT's entire presentation. These phones are incredible and were worth the wait. Bravo Microsoft!!
  7. cereal killer

    Windows 10's Facial Recognition Can Even Distinguish Between Identical Twins

    I still can't believe what they were able to accomplish with their facial recognition software. It's truly miraculous the accuracy of it. There are some brilliant minds in this world. I'm just stunned to be perfectly honest.
  8. cereal killer

    I broke down and bought the Lumia 640 XL today ... now what?

    You're in the right spot :) You won't bother the beejesus out of anyone by asking questions, thats what everyone is here for. Ask away! The 640XL is pretty darn sweet. I think it's a steal for the price. I own the Lumia Icon on Verizon and came over from Android. You'll find Windows Phone is...
  9. cereal killer

    Can Windows 10 Smartphones Convert the Masses?

    That is the million dollar question my friend. My thoughts are this. MSFT is making some huge headway in the Android space in regards to their apps. I hear/read a lot of people (Android/iPhone crowd) talking very highly about the Microsoft's apps that they are seeing in their "stores". I think...
  10. cereal killer

    Windows 10. Love it or hate it?

    So now that we all got to spend some time on it what are your thoughts? What would you like to see as far as features? Any bugs that you've noticed (beside store sign in, which was solved)? Love it? Hate it? Don't have any feelings one way or another? Lets discuss the pro's and cons, likes and...
  11. cereal killer

    What does everyone think of Edge?

    I've heard a myriad of complaints and praises. For me, I really like it -- stable, fast, and smooth. I don't use any extensions so its been perfect. Curious what everyone thinks. Thanks!
  12. cereal killer

    Which version of Windows did you replace with Windows 10?

    Was running 8.1 and had no hard feelings toward it :) but I love Windows 10.
  13. cereal killer

    Microsoft Band Drops to New Low Price for Limited Time

    You can get them at Best Buy for $170.99. They will honor the internet price when you go in.
  14. cereal killer

    Surface Pro 4 Rumored to Include 4K Display, USB Type-C, Skylake Processor & More

    Nice!! Surface just keeps better and better...literally. I am curious to see if the 4K rez will make a difference on a 14" screen.
  15. cereal killer

    Windows 10 Adoption is Surging and Obliterating Windows 8 and 8.1 in the Process

    My name is CK and I am a Windows 10 fanatic! :) Love the OS
  16. cereal killer

    Stephen Elop is Being Booted From Microsoft

    Exactly. Proving this is what he did, is an exercise in futility. Certainly not out of the realm of possibilities though. I don't discount anything that makes perfect sense nowadays. :) Good riddance I say
  17. cereal killer

    Windows 10 Briefing Part 2: Project Spartan Browser Unveiled

    Chrome drives me nuts with all its Shockwave errors. I'll be ditching it for Spartan.
  18. cereal killer

    Microsoft Might Demo Windows 10 for Phones on January 21st

    Nice!!!!!!! Can't wait! Of course I'm still waiting for 8.1 on my Icon but we're set to get it soon. I'll be bummed if VZW doesn't update the Icon to "Windows 10"