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  1. Deckyon

    Please help. I don't want to do the same mistake again.

    You will get longer, better use from the higher end. For me, with the videos and photos and light gaming I do, I went with the i7, 16GB RAM. You will notice a huge difference when processing photos (large RAW photos and a lot of them) and video (especially 4K, though I would not recommend the...
  2. Deckyon

    SP2 to Current SP i7, 16GB, 512GB

    I got an SP2 years back, when it was still new. I used it for travel to do some light photo and video editing (Adobe apps) as well as emergency (haha) gaming with WoW and later Skyrim. It worked well enough, and it still works decently. Well, as the apps are getting more demanding, I needed...
  3. Deckyon

    Landscape VS portrait

    Another point about the iPad (and iPhone, MacBook Air and Pro). Apple's logo is facing everyone beyond the user. Everyone looking at the shining Apple on a MacBook knows exactly what it is, and the big apple on the back of the iOS devices, well, also on the back of the device. Look at the...
  4. Deckyon

    Landscape VS portrait

    I could see myself hitting it more in the new position than the old. I am left handed, so I would be holding the unit with my right, using my left with the pen or finger.
  5. Deckyon

    Post pictures of your surface Pro

    When docked, turn off wifi radio. The 2.4Ghz is what is messing with the blue tooth. If you can force a 5Ghz wifi connection, do that. Otherwise, turn it off.
  6. Deckyon

    Web Browser Choice

    I am using the latest FireFox (v29). The DPI Scaling works well in it, and it seems more touch-friendly. I was using Chrome, but it just doesnt look as good to me. I dont use a lot of addons or plugins, so I dont worry too much about that.
  7. Deckyon

    Best mouse

    I have 2 mice I use with my Surface, all depending on what I am doing. The Naga uses the USB, but I have a USB 3.0 Hub, and I am pretty stationary while gaming. While out and about, I use the Logitech as I just love the small size and the abilities packed into the small size. I am not sitting...
  8. Deckyon

    I Am Now A Pro

    I would only suggest maybe another power supply and stylus to keep in a go-bag. I just got my 2nd power supply and will be getting a 2nd stylus as well. Just makes it easier when you want to hit the road - dont have to worry about making sure you get your power supply.
  9. Deckyon

    I have been noticing.

    You get what you pay for. Speed, Reliability, Savings - Pick 2.
  10. Deckyon

    I have been noticing.

    The average college senior is not going to need much more than a basic computer anyway. Specialized computer-central graduates will, of course, be buying one that will fit their needs, but they wont be the average buyer walking up in best buy or the apple store to walk out with a machine. They...
  11. Deckyon

    Surface Tweak Tool for Surface Pro 2 - Release!

    This has been discussed. False-positive. Use a different browser. FF actually looks and works better with the latest version (29) on the Surface Pro 2.
  12. Deckyon

    I have been noticing.

    I have a feeling this whole thing comes down to something very simple, and very simple High School in thinking. "I want a MBP because friend A got a MBP." Think about all the other purchases most of these kids make, from shoes to clothing. They want to be be just like their friends, but...
  13. Deckyon

    Laptop Lounging almost anywhere with the Surface Pro 2!

    I take it a lot of places with me. I generally now take it with me wherever. I travel with it and my iPad and the required cables. (went over that in other threads). If I am working on images or such on the SP2, I will use the iPad for surfing or playing movies/shows.
  14. Deckyon

    Screen Protector

    I have always used and recommend the Zagg InvisibleShield HD's. I have them on all my devices and they are case-friendly and very durable. They also offer free replacement for the lifetime of the device. I have used that service a couple times and they are quick and no-questions-asked. They...
  15. Deckyon

    Anyone using the SP for Photography ?

    Dunno. I guess if you only install one on one PC and the other on another, still only one install per under the ID.
  16. Deckyon

    New Wacom Feel Driver

    Same here. The pen is an enjoyable experience now that I know the nib will hit what I put it on, not be a couple millimeters off.
  17. Deckyon

    Anyone using the SP for Photography ?
  18. Deckyon

    Post pictures of your surface Pro

    if one has to go, earn and enjoy the trip!
  19. Deckyon

    Post pictures of your surface Pro

    My surface has a dirty little secret.
  20. Deckyon

    Standby Battery Life is Poor

    Quick question. Considering how long it takes these to boot up, why not just turn it off?