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  1. tuchas

    Anyone plan to buy Surface Pro 9?

    Sold my Pro 8 to get the Pro 9. I'm one of those suckers that has to have the latest and greatest, and the Sapphire color was calling out to me. It's prepping for shipment now and should get here by Tuesday.
  2. tuchas

    Surface Pro 7+ vs Surface Pro 8?

    I completely agree. I thought it was kind of foolish to trade up from a 7+ but I got the itch. Overall it’s a better experience - screen, pen 2, Thunderbolt, and does feel much better to hold. I don’t regret it one bit.
  3. tuchas

    Surface Pro 7 or 7+?

    Well, I've had time to mess with the SP7+, and I can attest to the battery and performance as being quite superior to the SP7. The Intel Xe graphics isn't going to light the world on fire but it's at least twice as the SP7 - even working with some games with middle of the road requirements...
  4. tuchas

    Surface Pro 7 or 7+?

    Just got it this morning. I haven't put it through all the tests, but so far the battery doesn't appear to be draining as fast with almost 80 brightness, and it just feels snappier. I'll keep you posted.
  5. tuchas

    Surface Pro 7 or 7+?

    Well, I ordered the sp7+. The specs and the removable SSD are enough to make the move, and it comes with Windows 10 Pro. It's on its way here.
  6. tuchas

    Surface Pro 7 or 7+?

    Bought a new SP7 two weeks ago without the knowledge that a new variant, the SP7+ existed. The SP7 is great (I had one that I gave to my son and bought the new one for me), but this SP7+ sounds much better - 11 gen Intel, better battery, removable SSD, better graphics, etc. I got this for a deal...
  7. tuchas

    SB3 screen shuts off intermittently

    I've been having this issue with my SB3 where the screen goes black randomly. It usually comes back on after a minute or two but it's annoying as heck. When I detach the tablet from the base it comes right back on as well. I have seen some mentions of this when I googled this issue but there...
  8. tuchas

    Microsoft Complete NOT connected to my SB3 on my device page

    I bought a new Surface Book 3 on September 28th with the 3 years Microsoft Complete, all directly from Microsoft on the same receipt. The warranty attached to my device online states that I only have the one year limited warranty. I have tried no less than 5 times to get support to correct this...
  9. tuchas

    Brand new SB3 and no 2004 update available yet?

    Bought a new Surface Book 3 last week. Did all the Windows Updates but am surprised to find that I STILL haven’t gotten the 2004 May update yet. It’s frigging October. On the Windows Update screen it says “coming soon”, but this is Microsoft hardware. Anyone else with this issue this late in the...
  10. tuchas

    Surface Pro 6 restarts with 75% battery level

    Sorry - yeah I'm confused alright. I was having this issue with the battery when I shut down completely, and when I rebooted in the morning, I was at 75%. The thing that actually fixed THAT problem was disabling Fast Startup. I also have connected standby disabled, but perhaps I should...
  11. tuchas

    Surface Pro 6 restarts with 75% battery level

    Shutting off connected standby worked for me, but it would be nice to have it turned on and not have to deal with this issue. :P
  12. tuchas

    Surface Pro 6 restarts with 75% battery level

    I have the i5 and this issue is getting problematic for me. I could shutdown at 100% then upon reboot a few hours later it’s already down to 90%. Connected standby OFF. Somethings amiss here.
  13. tuchas

    Does your SP6 throttle down to 400MHz and stay there? has happened to me lately. If you have it connected to the dock upon boot up, sometimes it's slow as hell. The only remedy is to shut down and then reboot, albeit disconnected to the dock. After you reconnect the dock it's fine, but still, this is a known problem.
  14. tuchas

    Surface Pro 6 restarts with 75% battery level

    I just got another Surface Pro 6. The previous one was fried and I hadn't had a chance to go to MS for a replacement for a long time. After updates I had the same issue - charge to 100%, shut down, next morning it was at 75%. Then I shut off connected standby, and voila - upon boot up I was at...
  15. tuchas

    End of surface?

    It's funny, but I abandoned my work MacBook Pro for my SP2017. People are walking by me wondering why I am using my Surface. Plugged into my dock, powering 2 monitors and more powerful than most of the laptops in my office. Those that have the latest MBPs with the touchbar say they are crap and...
  16. tuchas

    New Surface pro (5) battery issue

    It's about 40% better than my SP4, which was a pathetic 4-6 hours depending on what I was working on.
  17. tuchas

    End of surface?

    That article is crap, already debunked by Microsoft. Too much investment to just drop it.
  18. tuchas

    Surface Pro 2017 w Toshiba SSD

    I just bought the same model as yours. Samsung drive. Fast as heck and perfect for what I need.
  19. tuchas

    Surface Book or Surface Pro 4

    Frankly (and a number of people will disagree with me on this) but the SP4 keyboard is simply one of the best keyboards out there. I have the least trouble typing on it than virtually any laptop keyboard. Along with the battery life of the SP4 (and lack thereof on the SB tablet disconnected)...
  20. tuchas

    Which 128GB microSD card do you recommend for SP Pro 3

    This is the one I use and it's the fastest one I found: