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  1. bulls96

    Rugged Case for Clipboard?

    I'm looking for one for the clipboard too. Anytime found anything?
  2. bulls96

    Surface Book Clipboard kickstand

    I'm interested
  3. bulls96

    xbox controller

    whats the best wireless controller?
  4. bulls96

    Facebook app keeps logging me out

    Anyone else having to log in to Facebook almost every time you re open the app? (metro Facebook app)
  5. bulls96

    Photos app missing OneDrive Pictures folders

    I have a SP3. WIndows 8.1 latest update. I am not sure when this started happening but when I go to my Photos app and go to my OneDrive, it is not showing a lot of the folders I have under my Pictures folder on Onedrive. I have about >20 folders and now is showing only 5. Anyone else with...
  6. bulls96

    Photoshop Elements 13

    So I did snatch this one and installed it today. It is more touch friendly. Icons and fonts are much bigger. It is not what I say touch optimized however. Overall happy to upgrade. Its easier on the eyes.
  7. bulls96

    Photoshop Elements 13

    THeres a 50% sale going on now for PSE 13. I wonder who here uses it. I have PSE 12 and wonder if its worth the upgrade. Features apparently include: Native 64-bit support on Windows 7 and 8 High DPI and Retina Display support Create photo remixes and mashups for all-new scenes Choose your...
  8. bulls96

    best android emulator

    Right now it uses 290MB of RAM running in the background. I have 8gb RAM. Its also using less than 0.1% CPU. I just have my work mobile app run in the background.
  9. bulls96

    best android emulator

    I run the same problem using DuoOS.
  10. bulls96

    Travel Case for Surface Pro 3

    Need something with a strap for keeping on the handles of my carry on. Anyone know of one?
  11. bulls96

    Incipio Roosevelt Folio Case Review (SP3)

    Doesn't the type cover get dislodged from the brace when u remove the surface? Mine always did and that's what frustrated me the most.
  12. bulls96

    just bought a wireless adapter for typing covers, ask me anything about it

    I just snagged one on eBay. It is very useful. Two finger scrolling is not working though. Is this a known issue? I'm using a surface pro 3.
  13. bulls96

    Official Microsoft Miracast Adapter

    I bought this with my $10 coupon from the Microsoft band fiasco. It works. I find it stutters a lot though. Not that it makes things unmatchable, but you would expect t a better performance from a MSFT endorsed product.
  14. bulls96

    Incipio Roosevelt Folio Case Review (SP3)

    Thought I'd share my experience and thoughts on this. Was looking for a nice leather folio case for the surface. I've gone thru a lot of those cheaper ones on eBay and amazon w my first surface so I decided I wanted something more quality this time. So I got this and I got it for around $40...
  15. bulls96

    Any Doctors in the house?

    I use it for my EMR too. The jarin put problem is that it uses a lot of Java. The screen is to high resolution that the fonts turn out small. I also use UptoDate a lot on it. I also carry around a surface wedge mouse which is real helpful.
  16. bulls96

    Leather Folio cover - found a nice one

    Found this incision folio case. Looks interesting. Anyone have it?
  17. bulls96

    I have a bent Surface Pro 3

    So do I. Kinda why I'm not all to scared.
  18. bulls96

    I have a bent Surface Pro 3

    Yeah I think its time I place a case on it. I just love to bring it naked and show off how thin and light this real computer is. I like the idea of the case with corner slaps. FYI it does have a clear skin and an illumishield screenprotector.
  19. bulls96

    I have a bent Surface Pro 3

    Just mimicking recent article on the verge about a bent iPhone. I just found out today my SP3 was bent! At the top right corner. I noticed the screen was depressing when I hold it there and then I found out. I probably have dropped the SP3 pretty hard at least twice. I rarely put in in a bag...