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  1. Inadorel

    Dual Boot

    VMware workstation works great for me. I run it all the time and a base install of Linux only uses a relatively small amount of memory. Of course that is very dependent on how nice your custom apps play - if they are GUI based or not optimally coded they could use up a lot of resources...
  2. Inadorel

    Dual Boot

    I suffer from the same problem. I am an IT security tester and some of the tools I use are Linux only (or you have to jump through horrid hoops to get them to work in Windows). I get round it by remoting on a Linux server we have on the network. I also find I can run a couple of VMware...
  3. Inadorel

    Considering a Surface Pro

    I find Visual Studio works great on my SP. I am eagerly waiting to see what happens with Haswell though.....
  4. Inadorel

    Dual Boot

    Linux? On the Surface tablet which is carefully designed for Windows 8 and works beautifully with it? Why would you want to do that?
  5. Inadorel

    I give up - Surface Pro is going back

    I've never been so 'busy' in 15 years IT that I didn't have time to make a backup.
  6. Inadorel

    Anyone else noticing some odd SP behavior of late?

    I'm not having any problems. Using my SP all the time ad not seeing any issues..... Might be worth installing a web proxy (burp community edition for example) and running the traffic through that to see what is going on...
  7. Inadorel

    How often do you really use your pen?

    My handwriting isn't great but I find one note recognizes it 99% of the time. I use the pen all the time - I just wish it worked with Surface RT and WP8
  8. Inadorel

    What programs would you want on your RT

    I've a RT and a Pro. I got thinking about what the killer features there are on the Pro which make me prepared to carry around a heavier device with a shorter battery life. For me in order - the stuff I use on my Pro which I would like to see implemented for the RT: Outlook A decent VPN...
  9. Inadorel

    How many people are actually using Windows 8?

    I have one desktop, one laptop, and a surface pro - all running Windows 8. I don't know if I get to count the RT or our Server 2012. I've been using Win8 since the day the consumer preview came out and I have no problems with it at all - although I will admit that on the desktop machine I...
  10. Inadorel

    Enterprise Adoption of Windows 8/Devices

    In my experience the scenario goes something like this.... Executives want shiny toys. IT want devices they can control and manage centrally. iPads and similar devices were largely imposed on unwilling IT departments (the corporate IT dept I worked for was more or less forced at gun point to...
  11. Inadorel

    IE Problem in Desktop mode

    If the reboot doesn't work you could try safe mode - run menu and then "iexplore -extoff".
  12. Inadorel

    Unable to ping Surface RT after a while.

    My mother had this problem with her RT. It is related to powersaving - but it is in the network card properties. Go to Control Panel, Network, Network Connections and then properties of the connection. Go to Configure the Adaptor and then choose Advanced. Under power management - take the...
  13. Inadorel

    Windows 8 lifts Microsoft's profit 19%

    I was really really pleased to hear the news about increased profits and that Windows tablets are taking off now. Plus the Pro finally coming to UK. I've been getting very sick of all the MS/Windows 8 bashing from the tech press - so good to get several pieces of news in quick succession :)
  14. Inadorel

    Working on Metro and Desktop simultaneously - A question

    I run MUI on one screen and the desktop (with multiple applications on each) on my other two monitors. You can only have two metro apps displayed at one time though - and then only if they are displayed on one screen. ModernMix from Stardock lets you run multiple metro apps in separate...
  15. Inadorel

    [GIVEAWAY] Pen, Sleeve and Micro SD

    Free: Internet Explorer Sky Drive Bing News To be honest there is so much great free stuff (MS Mahjong, Solitaire, Office, Fresh Paint, the whole Internet etc, etc) that I haven't bothered with the paid apps much. I like Adera though.
  16. Inadorel

    Why Did You Buy Your Surface Pro and How Do You Use It?

    My Pro is effectively the replacement for my Thinkpad - nearly as powerful and so much lighter and more portable. It does everything a full on laptop would do and can still be picked up with one hand and used as a tablet. I like my RT - but it is a tablet ++; my Pro is a proper PC which just...
  17. Inadorel

    Crazy Question: Can you Roll Back to Windows 7?

    My experience is that Win7 and Win8 are broadly cross-compatible as far as drivers are concerned. I upgraded an Iconia W500 which was designed for Win7 to 8 last year - and all the drivers worked, including the fancy stuff around screen rotation etc. I then had to downgrade it back to 7 (only...
  18. Inadorel

    Keyboard alternatives

    I don't think there is any problem with folding the type cover back behind the Surface. It is specifically designed to work like that and I am pretty sure you are not going to damage it.
  19. Inadorel

    Post pictures of your surface Pro

    RT and Pro together Pro running two external displays.
  20. Inadorel

    Anyone replaced their home computer with the Surface Pro?

    For me - the Pro is not a full desktop substitute because my main machine is a monster that often needs to run 3 or 4 vms at a time, plus VS, Office and various other tools. It is however a laptop substitute - I am not planning on taking my ThinkPad out on the road again - too heavy and bulky...