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  1. ontulmora

    Any Folio Covers for Pro yet. KaysCase BusinessCasual Leather Cover Case for MS Microsoft Surface Tablet 10.6 inch RT Windows 8 Tablet (Black): Everything Else This is the closest thing I've found so far, as for me I'm using a sleeve for now but eventually want to get something better.
  2. ontulmora

    Browser Based games

    I've not had any luck with Facebook or Google+ games on the RT. Not sure why, I'm running the latest version of Flash, tried Desktop and Metro modes and even used the whitelist app to make sure they were good.
  3. ontulmora

    DmC: Devil May Cry on Surface Pro

    Makes me want a pro so I can play World of Warcraft on it.
  4. ontulmora

    confused about PDF readers

    It's also one of the best PDF readers for the RT so far.
  5. ontulmora

    Question for Type Cover Owners

    Another question about the Type Cover, do you feel like the keys are too close together? The keys are basically on top of each other and pretty different than an actual keyboard. I played with it at Best Buy but it wasn't as easy as I thought. Mine has the touch cover which is great for typing...
  6. ontulmora

    How to play Nintendo games on surface RT (snes8x)

    I played around with this a bit, pretty cool. I would love to see an NES emulator so I could play Punch-Out!
  7. ontulmora

    Games on Surface Pro

    Would be cool to get a Baldurs Gate for Windows 8, since they are remaking it for iOS I don't see why they couldn't make a touch screen version for Windows.
  8. ontulmora

    Post Screenshots Here!

    Looks good, the categories really help organize it, I really need to do that and stop being lazy.
  9. ontulmora

    Doing math on the surface?

    OneNote works pretty well for note taking. I've used my stylus to jot down phone numbers and reminders using it.
  10. ontulmora

    Purchased Skin From Decal Girl

    Does the sticker have the residue so if I decided to remove it there wouldn't be anything sticky or ugly left behind. I'm thinking the Zune one back in the day didn't have that but I don't remember.
  11. ontulmora

    Purchased Skin From Decal Girl

    That is awesome! I purchased a Decal Girl skin for my Zune back in the day, I may check them out and get something for the Surface.
  12. ontulmora

    Cannot download games to my surface

    Rebooting solved this issue on my surface as well.
  13. ontulmora

    STILL no facebook and twitter official apps

    I think this is because the tablet uses Internet explorer and you can get the actual facebook webpage instead of an APP that would probably be missing some features. If you pin Facebook to the start screen it works the same way. You could also check out Feed for Facebook, its a nice little App...
  14. ontulmora

    I can't download apps anymore

    Rebooting worked for me with this error.
  15. ontulmora

    Pac-Man Championship edition now on Surface

    10 bucks for Pac-Man, that's a bit steep.
  16. ontulmora

    Surface RT at Best Buy & Staples

    My local Best Buy had 2 Surfaces set up, one with the touch cover and the other with the type cover, it was really nice because I got to play with both for a bit.
  17. ontulmora

    Post Screenshots Here!

    Its not RT or the Surface, the screenshots I posted above I had to post from Photobucket. I thought the Surface was the problem so I tried from my desktop and had the same issue.
  18. ontulmora

    Lap Desk

    I'm using a standard laptop lap desk that I got from Books-a-million. Some type of accessory like this is a must have for the touch keyboard.
  19. ontulmora

    Teamviewer: Remote Access App (Free for Personal Use)

    I've been using Team Viewer for a couple years now, its a great app and you can you get it on iOS and Android as well. There is also a web ui so you can connect from a browser. The best thing about it is that you don't have to deal with ports or anything.
  20. ontulmora

    Skulls of the Shogun on Jan. 30

    Skulls of the Shogun! Trailer for this game looks pretty fun.