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    SP4TC: Fingerprinter Reader fails after a while

    For starters: A healthy and succesful 2016 for everyone here at Surface Forums! Now, on to business :) I recently had a type cover with fingerprint reader for my Surface Pro 3 shipped over from the US to Europe, and I must say it's great as a keyboard! The spacing of the keys is much better...
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    Surface Product Placement :)

    I have seen Surfaces appear on Elementary several times.
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    Why is Miracast such a drag? - On a Surface Pro at least

    I totally agree, but it just doesn't. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Why is Miracast such a drag? - On a Surface Pro at least

    Seems there is some progress... The problems seem to occur only when I am connected to a 5GHz (802.1a/an) network. If I disconnect Wifi and then reconnect to a 2,4GHz (802.1b/g/n) and connect to the PTV3000 then, it works after a couple of tries. My Surface Pro is connected to a NETGEAR...
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    Why is Miracast such a drag? - On a Surface Pro at least

    I did, and it works exactly the same. That is: NOT. After trying to connect, both the Wifi in my SP2 as well as in the PTV3000 becomes completely unusable. The only reliable solution to fixing that is rebooting both devices. I tried the same on my wife' s SAMSUNG ATIV 7, and I cannot...
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    Why is Miracast such a drag? - On a Surface Pro at least

    I recently upgraded to the latest SP2 firmware and drivers (June 2014) a week ago and I am completely unable to connect to my TV using a WiDi/Miracast dongle (Netgear PTV3000). The exact same problem happens when connecting from my SP1. My SP2 goes into limited connectivity after trying to...
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    SP2 Keeps Freezing

    I suspect you have the same problem as I have. Explorer keeps crashing. Desktop/Start Menu freezes and when trying to close desktop applications explorer.exe restart. Very annoying. Almost unworkable. Reinstalled to an older image (mine is replaced with Win 8.1.1 Enterprise) with older drivers...
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    Outlook 2013 connect to remote exchange server

    Both devices (Lumia and Android) use ActiveSync (EAS) for synchronizing your email. You will need to configure ActiveSync for use in Outlook. By default Outlook is using Outlook Anywhere (aka RPC-over-HTTP) for which your company needs to have an RPC Proxy set up. So, make sure you configure...