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    Sell my SP4 and get a SB?

    I never have any problems with my SB2.. I gave my Surface to my granddaughter when she went to college because I prefer the Surface Book to the Surface, it’s just heavier than I like it. I use the SB in the house and the Surface Go for when I want to be mobile. I use the SB like a tablet more...
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    Who is getting one? Why or Why not?

    The only compliment I can pay to the iPad/iPhone is that even a moron could use it. But Microsoft is the best. I know I reach for my iPad more often than I do my Surface Go, but not when I need to do something other than play or social media.
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    Who is getting one? Why or Why not?

    I bought my SurfaceGo because I needed something iPad size that will run a program I use for listing on Etsy. It’s called Sixbit and they don’t make it for anything other than windows.