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    Surface reboots on Sign Off

    .. so then I started talking to Microsoft. And as usual, the front of my forehead is now flat from pounding it against the desk.... Since the problem survived a factory reset, and that because I was using a Microsoft account (not a local account), one would think that the problem exists in...
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    Re-ordering tiles on the Start Page

    Basically you just drag them where you want 'em. if pause between groups of tiles you can create a new group. Also if you right-click on a tile (most of them anyway) you can make a double-size tile smaller and smaller-size tile double size. Or remove them from the start page completly...
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    Surface reboots on Sign Off

    Well, I restored the surface to the factory default, and created an account with the same user.... and the problem still exists. :( There is another oddity with this account, where comming back from the lock screen I have to click on the lock screen (and not just swipe up on the screen) or...
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    Surface reboots on Sign Off

    I have 2 accounts set up on my Surface, using different Outlook accounts. The first one I set up will ALWAYS reset the system when logging off. The second logs off properly without a reset. Any clue what I can do to figure out what is happening? I could delete and rebuild the...