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  1. J

    A month with the Surface Book

    Your screenshots remind of AOL! I can't believe how ugly Win 8 & 10 are compared to Win 7. Microsoft took out all of the eye candy just so their Surface line would run decent.
  2. J

    Went to Microsoft Store today to possibly purchase -then went to Apple Store.

    I went with my friend to the Mall today--wanted to test out the Surface Pro 3 in a Windows friendly environment (Best Buy & Staples displays them like trash). Anyway about me: Current Windows 7 user--previous Windows XP, Mac Jaguar, Panther and Tiger. My friend--Mac only user--is a graphic...
  3. J

    Was about to buy SP3 when saw this bad review on Youtube?

    Thanks for both of your replies! I am a long time Mac and PC user and don't make big purchases that often. I am underwhelmed at Apple's latest offering. I was kinda torn between the SP3 and a Macbook model--I know they make quality machines. But even if I went Mac I would use it primarily on...
  4. J

    Was about to buy SP3 when saw this bad review on Youtube?

    First off hello! I have been reading this forum for awhile and decided to purchase the SP3 until I saw this review on YouTube, which causes me hesitation. She says watching movies, Netflix etc. is aweful because dark grays are purple and there is only a little calibration with MS driver. You...