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    Hows the Surface RT running these days?

    Hi have been surface RT 64GB owner since December 2012, with new 8.1 update its now trouble free, glad I kept it, would I buy a second original surface? depends on price difference,
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    Pro 2 Stand Defect

    Hi checked my surface pro2, after reading of various faults with screen and casing/stand, nothing found it's ok as was my surface RT, any owners with faults hopefully can exchange for new replacement, as it's a premium product there should be instant exchange Without question, good luck to any...
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    new surface pro 2 owner

    Hi have been a surface RT owner since December 2012, was looking at surface pro 2 128GB version, nice but expensive, so time to save up, Today big surprise from daughter and two granddaughters, my birthday present (60) a surface tablet the one I looked at, a very shocked and happy Granddad...
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    8.1RT update brings me back to using my surface

    yes, bought mine December 2012, only the update 8.1 finally makes it worth the wait, same with windows phone 8 nearly there.
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    8.1RT update brings me back to using my surface

    Hi just started to use my surface RT again after putting away in a drawer, as the Wi-Fi problems continued plus keyboard bugs tempted me to bin it, decided to give it one more try, an update appeared for 8.1RT, now it is a different tablet, all of the problems gone and many new features, Going...
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    the last straw with surface RT

    Hi I bought surface nine months ago, been through the problems and wi fi disconnects and limited connection, updates did cure many bugs etc, But it returns and on screen key board is unreliable and has a mind of its own, its fully updated, and been refreshed, factory reset as advice on this...
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    surface update now unusable

    Hi have had surface RT since last year had limited connection problems later cured, Now its back again and needs rebooting a lot a never ending cycle, a shame as its not a bad tablet no wonder its being discounted in stores, Not reliable and likely to suffer the same as HP Touchpad over...
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    Surface Charger

    Hi my surface charger magnetic connection is some times difficult to fit and and led is not on,have to readjust it never first time fit, best magnetic connection is on my Blackberry Playbook its oval and magnet pulls it in no need to align it and works both ways round, the best feature on playbook,
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    Modern IE vs. Desktop IE

    I use Desktop IE as I prefer it, and use the Desktop side of the surface a lot with an arc mouse,the modern tiles work for me on windows phone but not on the surface,otherwise it is a very good tablet,
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    Should We Be Concerned?

    if Microsoft drops surface RT tablet and system, I would not be worried as it does all I need now, its a great tablet,if it lasts 2 years that's ok, HP Touchpad owners know about being left in the cold, I own and still use one, very few apps and no support, but it still does what I bought it for.
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    [Rumor] Microsoft Surface Pro Likely Coming January 29th

    my surface RT is best tablet in my collection use it most of the time, took some finding 64GB without touch cover, as for pro version we need pc world in UK to stock it then could try it out, no Microsoft stores here, bought RT without trying it turned out a good buy, but pro will be...
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    Return for Pro...How Many?

    my surface RT, does what I need a tablet to do, and has flash support, Will be keeping it.
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    So Tell Me, What You Think? 3G or No 3G?

    no,surface with 3/4G would cost about 100GBP extra, and another contract, I use Nokia lumia 800 hot spot,mobile internet is cheaper, or mi-fi hot spot modem for much faster mobile broadband,costs a bit more, only takes a few seconds,i bought Xoom wi-fi/3G tablet last year for 70% off price as...
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    first three days with surface

    Hi have had surface tablet for three days, set up quick and problem free, notification of updates for pre installed apps and [system updates 17 amounting to 203 Mb,] down loaded updates very fast, installing etc took two and half hours, unable to use tablet during this, but it is very fast and...
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    New Owner from UK

    Hello, just bought surface today,new 64 GB without keyboard, for 425 GB pounds, [ about $ 687 ] seemed a good deal, easy set up,will explore surface when charged up, decided to buy one after asking advice on this forum,many thanks to everyone who replied, many reviews are running the surface...
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    How Did You Hear About - The Premier Microsoft Surface Forum?

    just typed in surface tablet forum using Bing and this forum came up first,
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    Is the Surface RT Tablet a Good Buy?

    Hi Surface2air, thank you for your reply, as I have been a Microsoft user, XP,Vista,Windows 7,8, and windows phone 7/8, all have served me very well, I thought it would be best to stay with Microsoft, and they do update their systems, the windows phones are not bad on my second one, I am...
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    Is the Surface RT Tablet a Good Buy?

    Hello to all surface owners, I am looking to buy a tablet, is the surface RT worth considering?, it will be for personal use only, I have a Windows 7 laptop for productive use at home, so I will be web browsing,E-mails,catch up TV and Tune in Radio, a keyboard is not needed, i will use it on...