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    Metro apps, action centre, start etc etc all broken - now fixed

    I have been struggling with many seemingly unconnected problems on my Surface Pro 3 i5 with Win 10 after the 1511 update. After many many frustrating hours, including online remote help from Microsoft, I narrowed the problem down to my user account being corrupted. My symptoms were that...
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    System Interrupts high CPU - audio driver fault?

    I recall a similar problem with my SP3 when I first got it (early adopter) and after a while it went away following one of the many firmware updates. I suspect that some bug fixes have been omitted from the latest driver release that had been previously fixed - a common problem with shoddy...
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    System Interrupts high CPU - audio driver fault?

    Just noticed a similar post on the SP2 forum: The "30% CPU at idle because of System + Interrupts" issue | Page 4 | Microsoft Surface Forums I reckon someone has forgotten to include a previous bug fix in the latest release of the Realtek audio driver or some other driver. Oops. I do have an...
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    System Interrupts high CPU - audio driver fault?

    I've been getting annoyed with my Windows 10 SP3 running hot due to high CPU usage so today started to delve into it. This doesn't happen all the time, something triggers it and it stays high and hot until I reboot. I decided to stop numerous services one by one using the Services app...