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    Hello, my name is Joe Dalecki, happy to help out with questions about the Surface Hub.

    Hello, my name is Joe Dalecki, happy to help out with questions about the Surface Hub.
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    Miracast on-screen security code (PIN) on Surface Hub

    This is as-designed as far as I know. The issue is that once a device (Win10 Laptop) has connected and entered the PIN, the "connection" is saved on the Laptop, if you press Windows+K, then select Find Other Types of Devices, you will see the Surface Hub listed under Projectors. If you remove...
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    Non-Universal apps for the Surface Hub?

    The only way is to use a connected PC with those applications installed. For the best experience, connect the PC with a video cable and a USB Type B cable, then access the connected PC via the Connect app on the Surface Hub.
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    Global Settings

    Only changes made in the Settings on the device are persistent. Other options, such as check boxes in pop-ups within an app are not persistent. For example, if you install an app from the store, and that app presents a EULA that you must agree to in order to use the app, you will need to accept...
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    Access to network files whilst not on O365

    SharePoint you can access via the Edge browser. There is an app for the Surface Hub called Network File Manager that can be used to connect to file shares, but it would need to be configured each session. There is also an app for Remote Desktop to access a remote workstation and use the Surface...
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    Active Sync policy error 0x80190197 when setting up Hub

    Did you resolve this error by re-configuring the EAS Policy for the Device acct?
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    Exchange Server Address - blocked by current TPM Policy

    How did the setup go on the first Surface Hub you connected to the LAN?
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    Where has Cortana gone?

    Cortana was removed from Windows 10 Team Edition in the Anniversary Update.