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    Best PDF Editor/Annotator?

    To be honest I just need the reader app to not corrupt my big pdfs after making notes. But because it does, I now have to drop an extra $79 for pdf annotator
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    Best PDF Editor/Annotator?

    But PDF Annotator doesn't detect the difference between pen and touch. Can't just scroll down with touch and use pen to make notes Edit: never mind figured it out. Drag the grey area
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    Best PDF Editor/Annotator?

    My job requires me to go through a lot of PDFs and have to always make notes in PDFs really quick. Anyone recommend a pdf editor/annotator that allows someone to draw/write on PDFs? I don't mind paid apps. Before, I was using a MacBook air and highlighting and typing text, it was quite the...
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    Blue Stacks? WHACK

    I can't seem to find the blue windows 8 button anymore on their site, did they remove it?