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  1. J

    Bluetooth Mouse for Surface Pro 3

    Another M557 user here. It's worked amazingly well and is very portable with great battery life. I had an MS Wedge mouse but after having it replaced 4 times under warranty I gave up. I liked the 557 so much I actually bought another one for my iMac. Cheers!
  2. J

    Monitor won't display through SP3 docking station

    Are you using an adaptor cable that can plug ALL the way into the mini-dvi port on the docking station? A co-workers SP3 dock arrived today and his existing adaptor is a little too wide to fit properly so the external display wasn't working. I'm using an Apple original mini-dvi to dvi adaptor...
  3. J

    Problem setting default screen with external monitor

    I've had the original SP, the SP2 and now the SP3. I use my SP's for business so when I'm in the office I connect to an external 24" LED monitor. With my two previous SP's, I was able to boot up with the external monitor and have it come up as the default monitor. When I do the same with my...
  4. J

    is SP3 really "in stores" - can i go check it out?

    I went on Friday to see the SP3 at our local MS store as I already have an i5/256 on order. I wasn't sure what to expect but wow. Just wow. My SP2 will be up for sale the minute I have this new bad boy in hand. LOVE the new screen, the weight and how slim it is. You'll be shocked when you...
  5. J

    USB 3.0 adapter now available

    Wish they had a picture of it installed. I can't tell if it installs pointing up or down and if it points up, does it cover the volume buttons on the side of the SP2? I'll buy one for sure if it fits!
  6. J

    Small Indescript Hardware Updates Every Three Days

    I've been getting the same with my SP2 as well. At least 3 small firmware updates in January and it shows everything as having succeeded.
  7. J

    Multiple installs of new firmware updates?

    Thanks everyone. All of these updates hasn't seemed to hurt anything so far but I'm still keeping an eye on things. Cheers!
  8. J

    Multiple installs of new firmware updates?

    Hi, this whole firmware thing is really getting confusing. I had a failed update 12-10 last December and then 2 days later the 12-10 update installed successfully. I had a 10-24 "hardware" update install successfully on Jan 01 and then a 10-24 hardware update install successfully on Jan 15...
  9. J

    hooray - a new Fimware!

    I got the same October update late yesterday in Canada. This one was NOT there yesterday morning when I did an earlier update so it's a recent one for sure. Not sure what it's fixed though and I'll have to keep a tab on battery life. Cheers!
  10. J

    type cover 2 lights up randomly "normal?"

    This happens to my Type 2 from day 1 as well. I haven't been able to figure it out but it doesn't seem to harm anything. I'm also wondering as well if it's some sort of sensor that's a little schizophrenic. I took it back to our local Microsoft store and they didn't have a clue. I'm not sure...
  11. J

    Track Pad Driver Bug Type Cover 1 & 2

    I found a different bug with the trackpad on my type keyboard and SP2. I usually disable the trackpad as it's a nuisance when I'm editing a document. The bug I found is that even when I clearly have the trackpad set to "off" in Win 8.1, the trackpad will sooner or later just start working...
  12. J

    Trackpad on Type keyboard loses settings

    Hi, I usually disable the trackpad on the Type keyboard (Type 2) as I have a wedge mouse and the trackpad is mostly a nuisance. I'm constantly hitting the trackpad by mistake when I type and next thing I know my cursor and new text are in the wrong spot on the document. My old SP1 had an app...
  13. J

    microsd card problem

    Thanks for the feedback! I will test another card tonight to see if any change. I also haven't tried formatting the card in this unit and enabling the bitlocker as net new on this system so I'll see if that makes any difference as well. Weird as the card worked fine on the other two SP's...
  14. J

    microsd card problem

    Hi, I have a 64GB Sandisk MicroSD card in my new SP2 that is randomly going offline. The drive "D" is there and it's showing an XD card installed but I cannot access the card. This card worked perfectly fine in my original SP1 and in my first 128GB SP2 that I exchanged yesterday for this...
  15. J

    What display port monitor to use ?

    +1 This is exactly my situation as well. It's hard to get this across to folks and the reviews mostly do a poor job of pointing this out. This thing is a full blown PC when I need it to be and a tablet when I need it to be that. I couldn't imagine working now without my SP and it's replaced...
  16. J

    What display port monitor to use ?

    With my SP I'm using a standard 24" LED monitor with a DVI input. The Apple mini-DVI to DVI adaptor is working perfectly for this and it's a nice dual screen setup at work. Unfortunately you still can't have different scaling sizes on the two screens but at my age, the 150% setting actually...
  17. J

    anyone else not like the touch type cover? let me count the way but....

    I'm getting used to the feel of the Type cover flipped all the way back and it does disable the keys when you do that so no worries on sporadic key presses. One thing I have found that might work for you though is to simply turn the cover around. You can re-attach the Type cover backwards...
  18. J

    My color calibration profile for my surface pro.

    Thanks for that! I leave auto off as well for calibrating my systems so was just curious. Cheers!
  19. J

    mDP to DVI-D Adapter Problem

    Sorry, can't help you with the adapter you bought but I can say I'm using the Apple mini DP to DVI adapter that I bought for my previous MacBook Air and it's working like a charm with my 24" monitor. Should be easy to find one from a local vendor so you can at least give it a try. Cheers!
  20. J

    My color calibration profile for my surface pro.

    Thanks for posting and I'll have a peek at it as well. I have a Spyder 2 that I might give a try just to see what happens. Question: Do you have the auto-brightness shut off when you do the calibration and do you then run the screen with auto-brightness off when using your new profile? I...