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    Maintain Start screen position

    What were the odds of this post not receiving a comment like that... only annoyed I did not get there first! Anyone seen a Windows Blue Count Down Metro app with a live tile yet?
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    New SP user with some concerns

    Turn the surface round the other way so you start taking notes your palm is on the other side.
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    Hi - New UK Pro User

    Firstly - welcome, you're going to love the Pro! It really depends on what you are doing and how you use the system. I am a software developer, I have a 30", 2 x 24" dell displays and a Precision 6700m all running. On 2 screens I will have multiple instances of Visual Studio, each instance...
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    Hi - New UK Pro User

    Two months to the day surface pro available in the UK. Total price for the kit I bought about £950, so I am out about £200 - happy with that for 2 months use. Actually seems really good value at £799 in the UK (tax included). At my time of purchase the UK exchange for the tablet alone was about...
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    Start Menu Reviver

    I liked Vista - never got why it was so hated. Win8 + Desktops however...
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    My Favorite Unexpected Thing About Surface

    Touch enabled IE. First thing I did was install chrome... then discovered IE. Brilliant, Chrome now gone. Love the update to double tap and zoom text. Swipe back is nice, shame it won't work when link opens to new tab (i.e. close current and return to previous).
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    What programs would you want on your RT

    Strava and The Times would be my top choices. Originally I too thought Outlook, but find the built in apps fine for my 2 exchange accounts and Gmail. However I still use a desktop day to day, so would probably install Outlook if it was my primary device. So +1 for outlook. Battery tile would be...
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    Which screen protector?

    I bought the overpriced one from the MS Store (not the privacy one). Gives a slightly "rubbery" feel, but I lind of like it, been one for a month and other than one corner where I mucked up on installation has been fine.
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    New SP user with some concerns

    #2 I get the slight movement on the screen in front of the camera too... does not bother me, but does feel like there is a bit of give there. Although trying to reproduce it now and it won't. I've just retuned to a cool climate after a few weeks in the heat with it, so that could have caused it...
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    Will Leap Motion save Windows 8?

    The whole "consists ux across all devices" reasoning, although makes sense feels to me like "one day cars will be able to fly like planes, until then we'll make planes work like cars and stop them from flying". I appreciate that there are lots of people saying the new ux has no impact on...
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    Windows Phone - Worth Another Try?

    Just done a quick audit of the iPhone apps that I actually use, there are 4 unfortunately that are not supported: Strava The Times ViewRanger Sonos Ironically these are pretty much the only non built in iPhone apps that I use. Only Sonos has a suggestion that there is an app on the way...
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    Windows Phone - Worth Another Try?

    Yes - one of my reasons is my investment in MS apps, I've always been a fan and am also a Microsoft Partner, however I found the "it just works" element missing when I switched from the iPhone 4 to the 720. Hard to put your finger on it, but phone calls were not reliable - constantly crashing...
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    Will Leap Motion save Windows 8?

    I appreciate that, but currently they are not, so why are desktop users being forced to use an OS that is Phone/Tablet optimised at a cost to productivity?
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    How to map an INSERT key on your Surface Keyboard

    Will have a play with the tool. Have never used the speciality buttons, need my F5/11/12 for debugging VS consistently with my main dev machine. Will post results - there is also a long running thread on the official MS Surface Support forum requesting inverting the FN key for standard function...
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    Will Leap Motion save Windows 8?

    Dude - I have been using Start IS Back, same concept. But really I should not have to. And I'm not the only one that feels this way, hence the MS U-Turn.
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    How to map an INSERT key on your Surface Keyboard

    Have you tried to use this tool to force the function keys to work properly (i.e no need to be pressed with the fn button)?
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    Keyboard disappearing

    Yes, bit annoying. However don't know if you are aware you can do the following: 1. Open charms (swipe in right of screen) 2. Click settings 3. Select keyboard It will now stay on screen until you manually close it (just swipe charms open then close for quick close). Not actually as...
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    Windows Phone - Worth Another Try?

    Ok - not a tablet question, I know - but these devices are coming closer together so don't think the question suits the off topic forum. I used the original windows phones for years before apple came along and 'invented' the smartphone and loved them all. Swapped to iPhone 3g when I discovered...
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    How often do you really use your pen?

    I'm with the OP here - big selling point for me was the pen. The technology has always been good on MS tablets since their release a decade ago, still is. However I find I hardly use it. I thought I would use it a lot and was obsessed with knowing that the 'palm detection' worked before buying...
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    So Tell Me, What You Think? 3G or No 3G?

    In the UK some providers charge for personal hotspots on the phone (O2), however EE are offering a business tariff with a free 64gb iPhone 5 and 16gb 4g including tethering. Brilliant. We cancelled our iPad mobile data and just us the iPhones, cheaper, less bills and works flawlessly. I...