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    Battery life on newest Surfaces?

    I get between 8 hours (lots of touch usage, photo editing, text editing, Office 365, keyboard lights on, higher screen brightness, performance set higher, etc.) to 16 hours (watching video, listening to audio, UWP apps (most), battery saver mode with keyboard lights off, screen lower brightness...
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    Cannot detach tablet - 3D Paint Running

    I have the same SB2 issue. After waking up from a short sleep, Paint 3d is always running "in the background". Wrote a short script to quickly kill the background process until permanent fix from MS. Working to set up an automated "triggered" task to run upon waking up (still have not found the...
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    Surface Pro Type Keyboard and Windows Logo button

    What works for me when I had this problem was identified on the Microsoft site. Power down via swiping right and use the power down option. Once down, press and hold power button and volume up button for 15 seconds. Release. Wait 10 seconds. Power up using the power button. Fixed the problem...