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    reading books via kindle app on surface 3

    Oh man I didn't even think to look for a desktop app. I've been using the kindle reader store app on my windows phone and surface RT forever, just continued the same method on my SP3 and S3. Really wish Amazon would give it some updates!
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    Who's getting one?

    minimum requirement is skylake and I'm very very tempted... I would like a bit more oomph than my SP3
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    Cisco Jabber - Camera Not Working

    Anyone see if the app working ok on any windows 10? :D
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    lagging as hell on Skype

    I don't skype all that much but I did try it a couple weeks ago for my kids to talk to my parents and it all seemed in order... on windows 10.
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    Cisco Jabber - Camera Not Working

    cisco is done working on it though I think,... This is the one I use
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    Multiple User Accounts on Surface 3 in Windows 10

    I have the black user login icon for multiple but it doesn't really bother me. I do find inconsistencies in touch, not sure yet if it's the OS or me not understanding it yet. You should report it to the feedback app
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    Cisco Jabber - Camera Not Working

    wow, well on my S3 on windows 10 I can log in but can't get any video working and it and it just hangs, now I'm afraid to upgrade my surface pro 3 to windows 10 if I can't get that working!
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    Solved Updates in Windows 10 Store Not Installing

    Solution provided by the OP in this forum post worked for me!
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    Solved Updates in Windows 10 Store Not Installing

    Yup I just noticed the same last night! My search picked up your thread though ;) mine are 6 in total: Mail and Calendar, Office, solitaire collection, windows camera, get office, onenote, mytube. I noticed only when I tried to install adobe reader touch and that got all blocked up too
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    Surface 3. Recommended it to me?

    I love my surface 3 so that my SP3 can just stay docked. I never really liked carrying my SP3 around that much. I RDP to my SP3 with my S3 as needed as well :D S3 is great to carry around. Sorry I'm late, but just reaffirming good buy!
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    My horror story with Micosoft's service so far

    think it's always tough when a third party is involved... lots of pushing the paper around and pointing fingers.
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    LTE- How many will go to SP4 for LTE it is offered?

    Thanks for explaining your needs for LTE on tablet.
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    Enable virtualisation, so easy you wont believe it.

    Interesting, works well?
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    Enable virtualisation, so easy you wont believe it.

    My surface 3 is the test bed for whatever comes in the windows OS world before I put it on my surface pro 3 :D So it's a physical virtual lol ;D What kind of VM would you install on a surface 3 anyways? Why bog it down anymore?
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    Surface 3 dock disassembly + DisplayPort sync issue fix

    Interesting, I get the problem of monitors turning off only when I walk away from the SP3 awhile... not while using the SP3. I used to undock redock to fix the issue but now I just unplug the cable from the dock and plug it back in. I wonder if it's the same issue....
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    Dual Display setup with Dockingstation

    Uh that's a display port standard? Not a dock thing. DP is a standard and should just work so the manufacturers are being pretty sloppy if it doesn't work! When I bought all my DP1.2 stuff I bought it all with blind faith it would work. At first was discouraged cause my Lenovo Helix didn't...
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    What am I going to regret the most if I order the 2GB model?

    Okokok 4GB ordered!! :D Thanks for all your comments!
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    What am I going to regret the most if I order the 2GB model?

    Thanks for all the opinions. The 4gb 64gb version would definitely be on my buy list but I won't be able to use my 100$ surface trade in coupon on that. I guess won't be offering it anytime soon?
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    What am I going to regret the most if I order the 2GB model?

    I'm trying to decide whether to cheap out $100 for the 2GB model or pay for the 4GB model. I already have the i7 sp3 and the surface 3 is really just to replace the RT I traded in. The RT was ever only really used for some browsing light games, I did RDP to my sp3 before with the RT to work...
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    Cisco Jabber - Camera Not Working

    surprised the S3 have this, if it means anything, I use it on my SP3 no problem.

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