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  1. RottenMutt

    Microsoft Surface Pro 3- MediaCenter Protected Content Error

    I installed WMC and am connecting to a Sillicondust HD homerun prime network tuner, WMC complains that the video playback device does not support playback of protected content. Everything is up to date, I5 256GB SP3. anyone else run into the same problem
  2. RottenMutt

    How do I take irregular shaped screen grabs

    I see a lot of people posting screen grabs using the pen. I can use Snipit and OneNote, but they are rectangular shaped screen grabs.
  3. RottenMutt

    Event 37, being limited by system firmware

    i keep getting warnings in the event view that the CPU is being throttled by firmware. i5-4300 is suppose to go to 2.9 GHhz ... Taskmgr reports 2.5GHz. In the power options in control options there are very few settings available for plan advanced settings, no "processor power management"...
  4. RottenMutt

    iFixit Teardown anyone notice the NXP CBTL06GP213 Six-Channel Multiplexer, could that be sending the pci-e bus over the power port along with video or is it only for switching the display port over to the power connector port...

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