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    Solved Will it provide full virtualization support?

    Why don't you use Remote Desktop?
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    SP4 i7 questions

    I own the SP3 but I want to upgrade to a SP4 256 GB SSD, i7, 16 GB RAM soon. However, knowing the problems I had with the SP3 I have the following questions: - The i7 used in SP4 seems to have the Iris 54o graphics. Is this faster than NVidia's 940M? - Does the SP4 still has throttling issues...
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    No more throttling for Surface Pro 3 :)

    I think you need to do what the OP said, follow all that procedure to modify the firmware and then "for disabling Package power limit lock, type: setup_var 0x27 0x0". But I haven't tried. Anyone else tried? I would really like to get every bit of power from SP3. I also plan on getting the SP4 in...
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    No more throttling for Surface Pro 3 :)

    I don't like having a fan either, that's why I'm asking, is this method really working?
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    No more throttling for Surface Pro 3 :)

    So is there any other method to stop throttling on SP3, except the already known external fan method?
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    Sad Reality of Apple's Users

    I, at one point in time, have been a huge Apple fan. I had all of their products including the useless Apple TV. I had many frustrations caused by them. At one point I had my emails (sent to deleted without warning. Reading the agreements it seems Apple took the liberty to delete...
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    What is the Turbo Boost Power Time Window default value

    It's not that i want it different, but the Default profile from Intel XTU has it as a 3 seconds value. I am just curios why it's different on Surface.
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    What is the Turbo Boost Power Time Window default value

    I had noticed that on my SP3 i5/8GB/256 the value for Turbo Boost Power Time Window in Intel XTU is not 3 seconds but 0.00.....96... seconds (the lowest value). Is this normal? Why?
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    Elder Scrolls Online on SP3

    I have experimented a bit with undervolting and it seems to have an effect. SP3 i5/8GB/256GB, Windows 8.1 with the latest updates, no Intel driver (using the Microsoft one provided via Windows updates), Balanced power plan. Using Intel XTU I set: Dynamic CPU Voltage Offset: -79 mV Turbo...
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    Using Intel's video drivers pros and cons

    As I tried recently to play games on SP3, for me, the Microsoft driver works better, with a Balanced power plan. I don't know why but it seems I get better frame rates. Don't forget that Intel drivers are generic, while the one from Microsoft might a custom one and maybe slightly modified. It...
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    Games List for SP3?

    I tried League of Legends and DOTA 2 a bit. They are both playable. LoL is less demanding than DOTA. LoL works in full resolution. I have the i5/8Gb/256. Now I play Elder Scrolls Online. It runs okay at 1280x720 with textures and subsampling at High, everything else on Off. You have to install...
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    Games List for SP3?

    But how do you guys stop the SP3 from throttling? I tried some games and for the first 5 minutes I get amazing frame rates but after a while they drop due to power throttling. I want to play games as well....
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    Surface Pro 3 i5 8GB 256 SSD - Windows 10, Lumia 930 - Windows 8.1, Microsoft band 1.0

    Surface Pro 3 i5 8GB 256 SSD - Windows 10, Lumia 930 - Windows 8.1, Microsoft band 1.0
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    Custom Fan to Reduce Throttling

    For those of you who are using the Arctic Breeze USB fan, how do you adjust the position? I purchased one and it seems to do the job as long as you keep it blowing air on the hot area, but, how did you managed to adjust it to stay in the correct position? I can't.... Thanks
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    Elder Scrolls Online on SP3

    Following the Microsoft SP3 for gaming page I tried to play ESO on my SP3 (i5/8GB/256 GB). Microsoft mentions ESO as being one of the featured games for SP3. I can play with Low settings at 1280x720 @30-45 fps. Trying medium settings the game does not start. Anyone else tried this game on...
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    undervolting, thermal throttling and related topics

    Hi, I know this has been asked before but it is not clear to me what is the present status. I have the Surface Pro 3 i5 8GB 256 GB and it is a marvellous device. Since I have it, it's the only device I use, I don't start my PC anymore. Lately I wanted to play games and the only game I am...