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    SP4 i7 questions

    I own the SP3 but I want to upgrade to a SP4 256 GB SSD, i7, 16 GB RAM soon. However, knowing the problems I had with the SP3 I have the following questions: - The i7 used in SP4 seems to have the Iris 54o graphics. Is this faster than NVidia's 940M? - Does the SP4 still has throttling issues...
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    What is the Turbo Boost Power Time Window default value

    I had noticed that on my SP3 i5/8GB/256 the value for Turbo Boost Power Time Window in Intel XTU is not 3 seconds but 0.00.....96... seconds (the lowest value). Is this normal? Why?
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    Elder Scrolls Online on SP3

    Following the Microsoft SP3 for gaming page I tried to play ESO on my SP3 (i5/8GB/256 GB). Microsoft mentions ESO as being one of the featured games for SP3. I can play with Low settings at 1280x720 @30-45 fps. Trying medium settings the game does not start. Anyone else tried this game on...
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    undervolting, thermal throttling and related topics

    Hi, I know this has been asked before but it is not clear to me what is the present status. I have the Surface Pro 3 i5 8GB 256 GB and it is a marvellous device. Since I have it, it's the only device I use, I don't start my PC anymore. Lately I wanted to play games and the only game I am...