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    Meet Surface Book 3 Release date May 20, 2020
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    Desperately seeking base-to-screen cable

    I think I mentioned this before, but now that I've udated to the 15" SB2 it looks like it will be even more of an issue. I use the tablet to view sheet music for long periods in rehearsals where you need to hold the tablet up high to keep an eye on the conductor (UPDATE: and there are no...
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    Surface Book 3 still possible?

    I love my original SB and have been tempted over the years to get the performance base or the 2, but it serves my purpose pretty well. I'd love to have more power for development, and maybe better graphics for the road, but it isn't my primary development machine. I've also been hoping over time...
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    Surface Book 2 - will you buy/upgrade?

    The discussion of the actual announcement of the new hardware is in the news forum here: Microsoft Announces the Surface Book 2 - 13" and 15" versions I wanted to start a thread from the perspective of current owners (or even people currently on the fence over getting the current SB) and...
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    16/512+PB Model on sale

    I saw plenty of sales on the old models over the holidays but I was surprised to see one of the Performance Base models on sale at a local Best Buy today (the price is also on their web site). $140 off == $2659. I was tempted to grab one and sell my old 16/512 so I could use it to play some...
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    Mid November updates

    I just got 3 updates for various components this evening: Microsoft driver update for Surface UEFI NVIDIA driver update for NVIDIA GeForce GPU Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) Precise Touch Device The nVidia driver version is now dated 10/20/2016
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    Checked out a demo model of SB with Performance Base today

    They had demos of the new Surface Book with Performance Base in the stores so I went to check them out. The base is noticeably larger near the screen due to a wedge shaped design that still manages to keep the screen and keys apart and keep the overall dimensions when closed the same as before...
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    Solved Associating Complete Protection with Surface Book

    I recently visited a Microsoft retail store to add Complete Protection to my Surface Book that I purchased at Best Buy. They happily sold me the protection and had me provide the email address of my account. I asked if we needed to specifically associate it with the device, but they said that...
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    Samsung vs Toshiba SSD (now with poll)

    The recent Anandtech review dinged the SB for shipping recent models with a Samsung SSD based on the PM951 - both for the fact that it is a TLC device, but also for poor performance compared to similar SB models that have a Toshiba SSD. They had one of each to compare in their tests and the...
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    Wish the clipboard would recharge from the keyboard battery

    There are times when I am mainly using the SB as a clipboard and the keyboard is in my bag fully charged. If the clipboard gets low on juice and I have a break in my work flow I'd love to be able to just dock it back on the keyboard and put it to sleep and have it recharge without having to...